Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)

As long as I have a coach I need to keep TrainingPeaks. I’d drop the premium if going back to self coaching. TrainingPeaks is a lot like Strava in a way, decent product, but zero innovation over the years.

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The innovation at TrainingPeaks has been delivered into WKO. Some really good stuff, but it has a learning curve.

I watch the vids for some tips on reading data, but for a coaching arrangement is TP is the go. :confused: I wish the WKO interface was available in TP as an online tool, it looks great.

Isn’t it the opposite? I mean, doesn’t TP position WKO+ as their innovation engine, parts of which eventually get built into the online app?

The entire TP web and mobile UI could use a facelift, but the feature set is still pretty darn impressive. And I agree, it would be awesome if some/all of the WKO features made it to the web. However I like paying upfront despite having been in the software industry forever and pushing customers to subscription models for the last two decades.

@old_but_not_dead_yet haven’t looked at their positioning much beyond WKO is for coaches (and self-coached), and TP is for athletes. All I’m saying is the innovation has been delivered into WKO over the last 5 years.

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Just cancelled my TP Premium account.

While the interface leaves something to be desired vs the TP app, intervals.icu gives me plenty of data for planning training. I’m still uploading to TP so I can have data run in WKO5, but honestly I don’t bother with it much.

Nice work @davidtinker


I dropped my premium TP account a while ago and found that TR was adequate. I do miss the analysis of fatigue and find that’s an easy metric to adjust a training plan as necessary. I was just about to re-up my TP premium account until I came across the fitness and fatigue analysis of my strava summit account. Would love a feature like this @Nate_Pearson, unless this is something that is already on TR and I’ve missed it somehow.

I concur. When WKO4 was being developed, Coogan even claimed to be re-doing everything from the ground up.

The problem with the Strava implementation is that it doesn’t keep historical FTP which means the training load going into the chart is wrong. You should have a look at the Intervals.icu version (shameless plug!).


I dropped TP for Intervals.icu. I’m super happy with it and have been using it for all my planning and analysis. Which reminds me, I need to go update my plan!


I’ve just written a blog post about this. Prompted by the recent changes to the Strava pricing model my previous views posted here have changed a little.

For me I think it’s time to ditch Training Peaks, start paying for Strava and go all in on TrainerRoad and Intervals.icu.



Oddly enough I changed my position in February, started using a training plan purchased on TP, and paid for TP premium annual subscription again. I’m using WKO and while it works great with free TP account, I wanted to use TP mobile app and move workouts around. Very happy with the current setup, best in class analysis tools and quick analysis on mobile is better than intervals or TR. Looking forward to TR mobile update, and next year hoping to not renew TP and just use tp free + WKO + TR.


I’m in a similar situation. I dropped TP premium but I’m planning on signing back up.

It’s really the simplicity of the reports and the iOS app functionality that I miss. I’m very impressed with intervals.icu but it’s not nearly as useful on a daily basis and I’m not looking to nerd out over every new random metric that users can come up with. It already feels more of a mess than a few months ago when I started on it.

I truly applaud David for what he’s built and the work he does for users, but the product just isn’t for me. Judging by the forum, I’m not the target demographic anyway.

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I feel the same way about intervals and David.

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Tx. Is an ongoing battle to keep improving the s/w without adding too much complexity. Trying to keep the extras in “Options” and “off by default” now. I added all the new charting stuff to be able to quickly figure out what is worth looking at in the data and to handle simple but useful requests like “total TSS per week” etc…

Unfortunately there won’t be an IOS or Android app any time soon. Thats a lot of work better spent improving the more general web app. I am going to make it work better on small screens at some point.


I’ll keep checking in on your progress. As I mentioned, it really is impressive what you’ve built and your commitment to the users.


The other big problem with Strava (which is why I cancelled my paid subscription a year or so ago) is that there is no support to manually input or change your TSS for a workout. It was on their development path something like 5 years ago and I think it’s still a feature they’re working on last I saw. It’s fine for keeping a basic workout log, but more advanced metrics and all of a sudden you have to go to all the different plugins like Elevate, intervals.icu, etc. That’s why I’m just sticking with TP as it’s a one-stop-shop for all my data.

For an update, this was apparently changed recently, as part of the revamp of the service:

For WKO5 users, does TP (free) allow the streamlined creation of iLevel-based workouts yet?

When those workouts can then be pushed to a head unit like a Garmin or Wahoo, it will be happy days indeed.

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Nope. Either % FTP, % HR Max, % LTHR, % Threshold Speed or RPE.