Year round subscription to TR, who's thinking of it or does it?

I have recently switched from TrainingPeaks to TrainerRoad. Mainly because TP lets me down just where I need it most. Actually telling me what to do each day on the Turbo. TR is excellent in this area.

I have only been using it for just over 3 weeks but so far really liking it. I haven’t been outside since I started.
Now I was initially planning on doing a bit of Turbo work in the shed over the winter and then stopping the subscription over the summer. I guess a lot of people do that.

But looking at the calendar and analysis capabilities I am considering staying with it all year. I am also loving the community feel through YouTube, and “ask a cycling coach”. Also this very active forum.

This got me thinking, what would it take to keep using TR throughout the year. TBH I am probably almost there. I would love to see an integration with a WiFi weight scale so your weight got automatically updated onto the calendar.

Just wondering if others are in the same camp and if so what feature(s) people want/need to be year round TrainerRoaders.


Now that there is a calendar and better planning capabilities along with post ride analysis, I have no reservations in recommending it to my friends who want to leave TrainingPeaks.

There aren’t any “must have” features missing in my opinion. Better weight tracking/integration with PRs would be nice, but not needed for me to be successful.


Actually, I think that TR needs a direct upload function from Wahoo and a few other devices. Not a must have, but close, since a lot of folks don’t want to have Strava as the canonical source of data.


I’ve been a year-around subscriber for several years now - the best part, especially since one can sync outdoor rides, is seeing TSS over the whole season from year to year and charting improvements and trends over months and years. Plus, I use TR all year both for indoor work (because it’s so efficient) and to plan the workouts I need for my goals. I’d be riding too hard or not hard enough without TR; I’m a better rider for it.


I have been a TR subscriber with the monthly rate since it was still in beta. Although I ride on trainer only during the winter time (usually from November to March) I still think it is a great value for money, especially now when the outdoor rides are also synced there.


I’ve been an annual subscriber for many years now, mainly because I have “great” grandfathered pricing and I just take the hit on the CDN exchange rate once a year vs. every month. I usually still get some indoor rides in during the summer and try to follow along with the plans on my outdoor rides while training as well.

I’m with @kervelo, a beta user who has never left. I use TR year round and the newer features are only making it better IMO.

For me it would be a decent Performance Management Chart (with correctly calculated CTL, ATL and TSB) and better Time in Zone information.

The PR charts could do with a bit of tweeking to make them more user friendly.

Save for those items, I could easily move away from TrainingPeaks.



I’ve been all year for several years now. While I do more indoor rides during the winter, I still do my share of indoor rides during the summer months especially when time crunched or the weather is cooperating.

The specificity that indoor training provides can be hard to replicate outdoors, so the indoor and outdoor rides really complement each other nicely.

The move towards more analytics as well as the calendar add additional value. Factor in the free podcasts, training advice, and now the forum, I really do consider TR a fantastic value worth supporting year round.

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Been a subscriber for few years now, year round user even during summer. Even if you don’t indoor train for a month or two its still better value with annual subscription, and when you consider all the help/info from the podcasts and this forum its a bit of a no brainer

I’ve been a year round subscriber for a good few years. Despite being hooked on racing on a Zwift at the moment, I’ll still keep my subscription going. I feel we have a connection❤️

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I would agree that CTL, ATL and TSB would be great additions. I would have thought they would be pretty easy to add as well.


I’ve been with TR since 2013 and started with a monthly subscription. My original plan was much like yours to suspend it over the outdoor riding season, but that didn’t happen and I kept it going year long. The only time I did suspend it was when I wasn’t training at all, but during that time I did still use TP during the same time. Now that TR has the calendar feature and blurring the lines between TP I moved to a yearly sub (and locked in my grandfathered rate :wink: ) and canceled my sub to TP. For me having one single platform to analyze all my ride data is huge so it is an easy choice.

I will also say I have Strava Premium, or Summit, or whatever they call it now and while that has some analytic functions it no way compares to what TR (or even TP) provides. When that sub is up, I will serious re-consider renewing it.

I’m a year around subscription user. For the following reasons:

  1. As SaaS company that I’m a fan of staying around helps wish key metrics like churn, LTV, CAC and etc.

  2. This year I actually used TRbyear around for:
    2a. Ride/Race warm ups.
    2b. Managing my peaks.
    2c. Some of my group rides with friends/coworkers can be slower than I’d normally ride. I hit the trainer before the group ride. Chill on the ride. Good times with friends is what it’s all

  3. I started off as a paid customer to support the free podcast. Ridiculous but I enjoyed it enough to pay for it so I did.

Do stick around if enjoy and benefit from the plans. Well, enjoying might be tough. If you enjoy paining! Plus, you get grandfathered in when prices inevitably go up. That’s reason enough no?

Cheers M8!


Forgot to mention that I also have Strava premium. I will keep that as that’s my social platform. The old “If it aint on Strava it didn’t happen” mentality. I am happy to keep that but looking at TR as my “serious” training platofrm.

I ride the trainer all year round for my interval workouts and TR is my favorite tool to monitor those workouts. Much safer than intervals on the road and easier to stay focused on hitting power targets vs. Zwift races.

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I’m with you on that mentality! Plus it can be fun. I just pay for it because I us and like the service, not because I utilize all of the premium features.

With all the extras you get with TR (podcast, forum, etc…) it’s easy for me to justify a yearly sub.

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I preferred the old “Bests” chart for PR’s than the new one as it was simple and easy to track a limited number of durations. Knowing my 17:22 PR is pretty useless to me, but maybe having that sort of detail is useful to some people. I no longer even look at PR’s where before I could quickly see the last date and workout I set a specific PR on and if I was feeling up for it have that in mind to try an top it in my workout.

I’m finishing my 3rd year on TR. I do more rides on TR than riding outside.

I am on year 2 of the yearly membership. Love it and he changes that TR has made make a already solid platform even better. I dont use strava or zwift anymore as they lose their appeal after a very short time.

If there were reports, sleep tracking etc I would eventually not even look at garmin connect.

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