Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)

Well, today I took the plunge and did not renew my TrainingPeaks account on the basis that TrainerRoad will be my main calendar provider next year. I used to use TP extensively (the standalone version), but it was too much of a pain re-licensing to individual computers, particularly when I had a hard disk failure. That was pretty valuable when I was really into training analysis, but over the last few years the TP premium Web version has been OK. However, can’t see the need now TR has made leaps and bounds, and I can’t justify the expense for the return (along with Strava)

Do most people still run TP and TR in parallel?
Do you regret not having your TP account?

I am hoping that the Mac and IoS support will match the Windows/Web offering by the end of Q1 2019…no pressure @Nate!


TrainerRoad and Strava for me, no problems.


Stopped it the last quarter, as I really wasn’t using it already with the added TrainerRoad functionality which I think is pre calendar (or maybe beta period). So I’m already back to a “free” TP User.

I do pay premium for strava, but that’s mainly to download routes tbh. My main repository is Garmin Connect, as I’m assuming that’ll stay free.


Absolutely, the new TR format is a game changer in terms of keeping everything in one place.

  • Strava : I’m on the verge of dumping Strava. I’ve been keeping all my rides ‘private’ for the past 6 months, and retroactively set the preceding two years to ‘private’ also. Honestly, I hate Strava — I think it brings out the worst in me, and turned (past tense) every ride into some kind of referendum on my cycling abilities. I can’t stand all the reciprocal kudo stuff, and the flood of Zwift ‘noise’ is just too much. Just ride your damn bike, and have fun.

  • Training Peaks : Would like to end my TP subscription too, but TR analytics are simply not quite ‘there’ yet. I’m confident TrainerRoad will supplant TP, and maybe I just need to rip off the bandaid and end my TP subscription. My WKO4 is packed with data, but I probably can simply upload manual data into WKO4, or potentially switch to Golden Cheetah

I’m pretty sure I’ll dump both platforms before the end of the year, and rely exclusively on TR. I feel like @Nate @chad and @Jonathan are family now. I do hope they’re coming over for Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:


That echoes my thoughts on Strava, especially the annoying reciprocal kudos stuff :grimacing:

If it wasn’t for the Elevate Chrome plugin (for keeping tabs on my time in HR zones) and integration with HRV4T I’d have already dumped it.


No more trainingpeaks for me. Dumped it last month as I started base training.

Ed K


I’m in a good situation in that I’ve paid my TP subs annually so have until June next year to see how TR works out on it’s own. TR has some great functions for analysing data already so I’m hoping they have entered their own build phase (high volume) to keep updating the analytics side. If they hit the mark TP will be no more for me.

Strava… It’s a good tool, I’ll still upload but I find myself spending less time looking at it.

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Absolutely TP is out for me. I’m using the beta version of Golden Cheetah which now connects to strava automatically. There is no way TR will get to GC level for data analytics.
Here are my data flows working perfectly and automatically:
Garmin connect to strava to TR
Garmin connect to strava to Golden Cheetah
TR to strava to Golden Cheetah


I can’t see how GC would ever be able to get full analytics from Strava, because metrics like L/R balance, gear selection, etc simply aren’t held in their database. I don’t mind a manual .fit file import to GC, if thats what it takes to get full data.

But then again, that data also isn’t held in TrainerRoad (yet!)

  • Didn’t bother to reinstall Strava or TP on my phone when I updated recently.
  • Also haven’t started up my Zwift again this winter.
  • TR is my training plan, calendar and analyzer.

I am thinking I might add zwift for a few months to get the racing, bunch rides and events, but see no need to pay for another account on top of my grandfathered TR at $99.

The money I save on training software, is going to be spent on my (hopefully) annual Spring Tahoe ‘‘training camp’’. Extra subscriptions do not make me faster or happier, but a trip to Tahoe with friends and bikes does.


I’d hoped to be able to ditch TrainingPeaks but not yet - because “other” is too much of my training since I am in a rowing club. I need to be able to look at the calendar and know what workout I have scheduled.

I also find that many workouts I upload to Strava do not appear in TR if they have HR only. So the analysis is incomplete.


I’m almost there. There are only 2 things that I’m waiting for from TR to do it:

  1. a folder added so I can save my runs and swim workouts in. Right now it’s a PIA to add runs and swims individually or copy and move.

  2. a tally of hours and miles running planned per week. TSS is great for cycling. But I plan my run and swim workouts by distances and time. I can do that in my head but it’s nice to see the progression week to week as I make my plan.

Point 1 would be huge and would tip me over.


No way - keeping TP for now. TR is still far from an ideal calendar and analytical tool, although they are certainly on the right path. Big thing for me is how TP handles my runs. I can see how cyclists would be tempted to bail though.


Editing the Calendar in TR isn’t there yet. Having to use the web page for any edits, is just not pleasant on a tablet. Fine so long as you never need to change anything. :wink:

Also I’m a triathlete, so the cycle focus of TR is likely to keep me on both TR+TP for a while yet.


I am not sure why you need TP Premium if you have WKO4. Sure TP syncs seamlessly into WKO4 but the files can be loaded in as long as you save your files in a folder. Of course you could do as I doo and use TP free and just sync to WKO4 that way.

WKO4 is a one-off payment and is better than GC in my view and certainly better supported with webinars, tutorials and a good FB group. As you have already paid I do not see the point of leaving it for GC.

Strava Premium is a waste for most people

I should add, I am 90% bike these days. I subscribed to TP when I was doing triathlon. However, that wasn’t perfect, given (up until I gave up swimming) they weren’t able to handle swim heart rate, so I ended up manually editing in tp too.

I’m just tracking cycling and strength training, the current calendar and analytics is good enough that I let my TP subscription expire last weekend. For TrainerRoad performance analytics I’d like to see improvements and the addition of a few specific metrics I use during base training (aerobic decoupling). I’ve played with WKO4 this past week and would buy it at a (much) lower price, but I’m a data geek. I’ve got a lot of data in Golden Cheetah but its harder to use and really hard on the eyes. Hoping that TR can up the game on performance analytics in 2019.

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I’m on an annual subscription for TP which is due to renew next month but I have cancelled the auto renew as I get all the info I need from TR and with it pulling in other rides from Strava I can use TR to track my overall weekly TSS. Data wise all i’m interested in is TSS and my power curve, I’m not trying to peak for anything so don’t need any further data at the moment. I have Strava subscription, mainly for the beacon feature

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TR has a long way to go before I drop TrainingPeaks as my main logging and analysis tool. TP is still WAY more sophisticated than just the somewhat limited calendar and extremely basic handful of graphs TR now offers. And that is true even before you get to the integration with WKO4 which is the current gold standard for data geekdom and high end coaching. (Golden Cheetah is a great tool too but harder to use than WKO4 and not as easy to sync as the totally hands off TP - WKO4 interface)).

However, if you are not a data geek, TR’s recent developments are making it a very fine alternative to the low level use many subscribers are likely doing with TrainingPeaks or a paid Strava subscription. Most people are not using the full power of TP so for those folks, there is no reason to have both. TrainerRoad is making a wise move here.


Just chiming in with almost everyone else, I cancelled Training Peaks a few months ago as well. I’m happy with the data I get from TR and I look forward to new metrics coming online, but I’m recovering from significant injury, and I’m mostly managing total TSS right now rather than sharpening the razor. I have faith that by the time I’m back to that point, TR will be a more well rounded product for that use.

I’m VERY stoked with where Trainer Road is and where its going.

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