Fed up with TR and the calendar


This is really directed at the TR guys more then other users but here goes.

I am basically fed up with what you have done with the software. I am constantly bouncing between your apps trying to figure out what plan day, week, or workout I should be on. The mac app calendar is just an unorganized list of workouts. It doesn’t even look like a calendar.

I am not going to list the step by step useability issues I am facing as I already have done that in a previous post and support ticket.

These changes have me trialing your competitors including sufferfest and zwift. I have a multi year history of being your customer and you had made nothing but solid iterations and improvements since I have been your customer up until this calendar “improvement”

My yearly subscription is up in February and at this point there is zero percent of me renewing giving the level of competition you have in the market. The app is nearly garbage for me.

Apologies for my candor and this is just my opinion, but if I were to guess I bet you have lots of customers in a similar boat.



I’ve literally just come on the forums to see whats going on with the calendar thing.
I reckon ill be canceling TR. it was perfectly fine before the calendar


Maybe it’s a Mac thing as I use PC and android app and nothing but praise. Thibk calender is superb and main reason why I changed from monthly to annual subscription.


User experience is different for everyone, but I have nothing but good things to say about the calendar. I use it all the time through the website and through the iOS app, both work flawlessly. I can’t say enough good about the added features that TR has rolled out in the last year. I felt I was getting more than my monies worth when I first signed up and “all” I got was workouts and training plans, add into the mix performance analytics and an excellent calendar and my annual subscription is a no-brainer.

Keep up the good work TR!


I’m a new TR user, primarily the calendar drew me in so your post perplexes me a lot.

I had a look around TR having enjoyed the podcasts, saw what looked like some solid training plans and also the new ramp test. I also have a good feeling about the company and what the guys are doing.

Having read a few bits of info I chose my plan and off I go. All I need to see are the next few days, with an eye on the weekend sessions. They are then in my head, I don’t understand what you mean by “all this bouncing around”?

Appreciate we all have different needs but struggling to understand what you find so hard?


I’m sorry you feel this way sticky side down.

I’m guessing you liked the previous way where you had a list of workouts and it didn’t matter what order you did them in or when you did them in.

With our new calendar feature, you don’t get that same experience.

We’re going to make a better way for people to train who don’t want to use the calendar. We’re designing that right now.

Our Mac app has the worst experience of any of our apps. You can still train but it doesn’t feel as good as the others.

Our calendar experience is constantly improving. But if you don’t want to schedule your workouts a calendar doesn’t really matter.

In general the response to our calendar has been really good. We can measure this with increased sign ups and renews, a lower churn rate, website and app usage and general feedback.

We totally awknowledge that the experience of executing workouts off of a list (without care of order or time) is a lot harder now.

I hope to win you back when we’ve improved this experience for you.


I’m not on a Mac so maybe it is different but on a PC the calendar is awesome. It definitely looks exactly like a calendar. It has greatly improved my experience with TR and made TR much easier to use in general.


I went and did a hard race on my rest day, so now I want to push all future scheduled tr workouts back 1 day. Wish there was a quick way to do it. There’s like 5 future weeks scheduled. I’m thinking I’ll just miss today rather than mess with the web site.


I’m a Mac user and have no issues at all, I love the calendar feature although I do miss the view that used to show you a percentage complete of the plan you’re following.


Certainly entitled to your opinion, and should find the best solution for you, but personally I think the calendar is the best thing that ever happened to TR, and increased functionality 10,000%.

I’ve been a user for almost 4 years now too.


My training changes week to week. The calendar has been a god send. I just want it to sync to my iCloud calendar so I can plan better around my work week. I know it is on the list.


I don’t have a Mac so I can’t really compare apples to apples between Mac and PC versions but I’m curious if the display of the calendar in the PC app is more like what you’re looking for?

Presumably, based on what @Nate_Pearson posted they are working in getting parity in the Mac app which would make it similar to the PC app

Below is a screenshot of what my calendar looks like in the PC version of the app. Is that what you’re looking for or is there something different that you want? I don’t precisely remember the old functionality - but honestly in the application itself it looks very similar to the old style where I see my workouts in the order the plan has dictated

What exactly are you looking for?


The calendar works for me on this Dell as it does at home on my MAC. I like it and think it is a very nice addition.

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Instead of pushing everything a day, it is probably better/easier to either swap your next workout with an endurance workout then get back on your normal schedule next week. If you’re really toasted you can turn down the endurance workout to a -1 version or swap in Bald Knob instead. Maintaining your week-to-week schedule is more important than hitting every workout in order in my opinion.

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@stickysidedown You do sound pretty upset, which is a shame. I’m on a Mac too and I know the experience isn’t yet what it will be soon. I’m not going to try and convince you that your issues aren’t valid, but I am not having the same challenges that you do. If you’re done, you’re done. But if you want to make it work, please share your main issues and I’m happy to share my experience in making it work for me. For example, the Mac calendar for me isn’t an unorganized list, it’s a chronological list of the of the next workouts in my calendar.


I only use the iOS app for the workouts or looking at workouts, etc. The app just doesn’t have much functionality right now and even has some irritating bugs.

Everything else I use TR on the website like the calendar, analysis, etc.

TR is still a solid product (IMHO) and definitely better than Zwift. I’ll admit it took a while to like the new calendar functionality but I’m definitely a fan now.


This is almost my use exactly. I just use iOS on an iPad for the workout and use the website for everything else (Chrome & Mac). I do have the Mac app installed but I haven’t opened it in at least a year so I would probably have to update but I’m afraid to use it thinking it might screw everything up. lol

I think the calendar has been an excellent addition from my POV. I think if they add a few features and fix some bugs (like why is my upcoming 6week daily avg different on my career and calendar page?) then I will be able to cancel my Training Peaks acct which i was only using to track workouts in a calendar format.

I’m sorry to hear the OP is having difficulties, working in IT I know change is hard to users, but I’m confident @Nate_Pearson and the boys at TR will “fix” things so they work well for all users.

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Yo sticky…Software is challenging to roll out also expensive …six sigma has these guys developing, assessing and sprinting and doing it all over again …never stops. If your only complaint is the calendar and not the training plans hang in there …right now zwift does not have a calendar and their training plans are generic …Nate will put the calendar on a high carb diet and improve its PE in the short term


I signed up in large part because of the Calendar


I use TR on a Mac and and Android device and I think it’s fine. The move to the calendar was great for me because it made long-term planning much, much easier. I would note that I do tend to use the web version for anything besides just starting and completing my workouts, however.

I also work in software- so maybe some little bumps in the road don’t bother me so much. Software is hard.