Strava getting in-house FTP history tracking?

Found this alert when opening my account on PC/Web today:

Signs of continued change and improvement?



It’s about damn time


Saw someone mention this over on reddit over the weekend.

Long overdue and especially ridiculous in my mind considering I’ve been developing my own little educational project for 3 months and already have this functionality included.

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not if you have a free account? If they allow me to sort my segment results on power then maybe I’ll give them some money.

I had previously been on one of the three Summit accounts, so my access may be different.

But they supposedly opened Summit to as free everyone for some time, per the DCR article, so I expect most should have access, unless we already passed that free time?

Saw that and didn’t bother doing the free Summit. Free Strava account and use Veloviewer for segment analysis, and for my training routes I’ve setup segments in WKO5.

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I believe TR used to have the ability to cleanup FTP history but support advised me recently the feature was removed temporarily while they test something. I completely messed up my history playing around working what FTP gets me my goal w/kg so keen to do a cleanup when it comes back.

Haha… me too.

Not a big deal but it sure messes with my OCD

Blown away that so little innovation comes out of Strava that this feels like news. They could have stitched up so much the digital experience side of cycling but… crickets.

Good news for other players I guess but as a product guy it just has me shaking my head and as a user I end up with a complicated hairball of services. Hmmm… thinks…

Agree with you 100%, a decade now with minimal innovation. But again, they’re harvesting data, that’s why the free tier seems so generous, our data valuable.

They have done enough to get just about everyone on the platform and so they have everyones data. Not sure how much summit they are selling or if thats even important to them.

For those who don’t know, Elevate for Strava (free chrome add-on) has had this functionality for quite awhile. It also tracks weight history, graphs fitness/fatigue/form and has a number of other features, and does not require Summit.

Hey @Cdallas2 just noticed the delete from FTP history is back :slight_smile:

I think this has been in Strava for a couple of months now… I know when I went to update mine at least 2 months back, I had the same screen as @mcneese.chad