Which way to go for gran fondo event in 9 months time?

Flat gran fondo ,early june 2020
What training plan to follow from now?

Am just completing my last week on ssb2 Now.
So am i better off
Going straight to build now or should i just repeat ssb base again then go to build after xmas? Or should i go traditional base then ssb?

Excellent threads from @mcneese.chad and I’d also add the podcast episode 172:

To address your specific question. I don’t know when “early June” is, but I’ve assumed that the event is on the weekend of June 6/7. If you’re ending SSB2 this week (finishing Sunday 29 Sep, 2019) then you have exactly 36 weeks until your event.

Working back from your event a full training season is 28 weeks (12 weeks of Base, 8 weeks of Build, 8 weeks of Speciality). So you want to start the training season during the week starting Monday 25 November, 2019. That gives you 8 weeks to fill between now and then. You have timed it perfectly to do a build phase and then return to Base again.

What I would do:

  • 9/30 - 11/24: Sustained Power Build
  • 11/25 - 1/5: Sweet Spot Base 1
  • 1/6 - 2/16: Sweet Spot Base 2
  • 2/17 - 4/12: Sustained Power Build
  • 4/13 - 6/7: Century Speciality
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