Planning Training 1 year out

Hi there,

Looking for some advice please. I am planning on doing a road cycle event in July 2020 (Etape Du Tour). It will be my main focus for training.

With my event so far off on the future would it be best to complete 2 entire training programmes including the base, build and speciality phases back to back, or is there an alternative plan which achieves better returns?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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I’d recommend checking out this article to see what different ways we recommend extrending your training plan:

In your case, rather than doing two full Base/Build/Sepcialty Plans, I would likely recommend starting with two full base plans, followed by two cycles through Build/Specialty. This would look like:

Traditional Base (8 Weeks)
Sweet Spot Base (12 Weeks)
Build (8 Weeks)
Specialty (8 Weeks)
Build (8 Weeks)
Specialty (8 Weeks)

If you’d like, you can choose to focus on a different aspect of your training during each Build/Specialty cycle, ideally increasing in specificity as you grow closer to your event.

I’d recommend checking out this article to help you select which Build & Specialty plans to choose:

Cheers, and good luck with your training!


Thanks Bryce :+1:

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Thanks Bryce. Can you advise how frequently I should do an FTP test through this cycle? At the end of each phase as a minimum?

ramp tests ( ftp test ) are in the plan in each phase so no need to worry about them just do them when they pop up in your calendar :wink:

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The FTP tests are built into the training plans :slight_smile:

Typically each plan starts with an FTP test, and some phases have mid-plan FTP tests also.