Marin Century Training

There isn’t a specific “century” program in TrainerRoad. I’d like to train for the Marin century 8/5/23. What program should I choose? The most cycling I’ve done is about 82 miles with 9k elevation. Thanks!

There is in Specialty. Use Plan Builder and put in your event. PB will then program your training leading up to the event, which will likely be SSB, Sustained Power Build then Century Specialty.

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Is there a way to do this over months? I found it and it looks like it’s just an 8 week program.

Right, that is just the Specialty phase. As mentioned, doing a Base, Build and Speciality is a default of 26 weeks if you do the typical TR approach.

Using Plan Builder with your event set is the automatic way to get that with adjustments for your real time to event.

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