Which Plan Next?

I’m currently looking forward. I’m doing traditional base 2 now and looking forward to traditional base 3 it calls for 4 rides/week. For me, 3 rides/week is a hardstop. Should I spread out the workouts in Traditional Base 3 or switch to Sweet spot base 1, then 2. My goal is group rides, centuries and fondos.

From what I have gathered the trainerroad guys generally recommend ssb1 and 2 over traditional unless you are coming back from injury.

I would go to ssb1 and then ssb2 if you have them time, if not I would start at ssb2 since traditional 1 and 2 should have given you enough base to go straight to ssb2.

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I think the TR coaches would recommend Sweet Spot Base for you, and the LV plan if 3 rides/week is your tops. Chad’s said multiple times on the podcast that Traditional Base is the best option only if you can do the HV plan.

I can tell you that SSB is effective (my experience is with MV); way harder than the traditional base style of training, but effective and efficient!

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In one of the older podcasts I belive @chad said they only recommend traditional over sweet spot if you have time for the high volume plan. Even mid volum is better done as sweet spot. Low volume traditional is better suited for coming back from an injury or other situations where light work is best.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I started Traditional Base low volume coming back from a very bad case of knee tendonopathy. I will probably go with SSB 1, and continue through the full 12 wks of SSB prior to Build. At 64 yo, I find recovery paramount, along with family harmony and continued gym work.