Subbing Traditional Base for SSB

I used plan builder to develop a training plan (with no goal event - rolling road race) based on a mid volume SSB. I have recently been made redundant from my job so I have time to dedicate to Traditional Base (perhaps High volume) with a view to sub outdoor rides (weather pending).

I assume I would have to remove the SSB element and sub in Traditional base in the calendar. Is this a sensible approach? Or should I forge on with SSB and toss in a Pettit or Colosseum -3 per Nate’s suggestion to add some volume.

All things being equal, If you are dedicated to your long term improvement (2021 and beyond) and you have the mental ability to get through the workouts (usually a netflix membership is the price of admission) go for it. Just know that you probably won’t see FTP gains until the build phase but 2+hr power will improve (in my experience).

I am currently doing SSB MV coming off a modified and extended TB HV. I find that adding volume to the SSB plan is like playing with fire. I’m used to 12+ hour weeks of Z2 & Z3 work but adding in VO2 and threshold/SS work in SSB is another story. Sweet spot work doesn’t feel that hard but I’ve found it needs to be treated with respect, and proper recovery. On lower intensity, I would pile 3-5 workdays back to back before taking a recovery spin or off-day. In SSB the recovery becomes extremely more important and timing is everything. Those 2hr Z2 rides that you think are easy actually come with quite a bit of stress and when you pair them with SS and VO2 work without sufficient rest in between; things fall apart. What I have learned in the last couple of weeks is that Z2 is not “easy” or “recovery” (duh) and shouldn’t be in an easy day.
Sometimes less is more and sometimes I’m too ambitious to understand that.

If the weather is nice I would to traditional base outside, if you can’t I would do SSB with some easy added rides like maybe Baxter/Colosseum/Black to add some extra volume - anyone who does TB on the trainer has either a mind of steel, is nuts or is really addicted to box sets! :smile: