And so it begins... Day 1

Ramp test done. Wasn’t quite as high as I had hoped but I ended up with a 207.

Let’s see what I can build to!


Good luck! Stick with Trainerroad and you will be a skinny young guy in no time.


Just remember in the base phase if you are not accustom to structured training you may see a bump in FTP. However, you are not building your FTP in the base phase. You are building the foundation and endurance in which you build from. People get frustrated when they don’t see big gains in the Base phase. Be patient and trust the system. Don’t raise the intensity manually if the workout feels easy. Chances are you will make the harder ones that follow it even harder. Good Luck have fun


Good luck - guaranteed it will pay off. Just a word of advice, if you are a seasoned rider but new to structured training and riding on a trainer you may not see wholesale increases in numbers. This happened to me where I didn’t see huge increases in FTP numbers but what I did see was a huge increase in my ability to perform on group rides. I think this came from both resistance training adaption and the way the intervals trained the body to temper longer periods of time at your limit. A lot of the time in group rides you coast and don’t realize you’re doing it…regardless of the numbers you get back after SSB stick with the FTP numbers that TR gives you and trust that you will get better even if it is not reflected in the FTP number, it has certainly worked for me :slight_smile:


TrainerRoad not only makes you faster, it makes you younger!


I`m almost in the same spot.

Quick question, between SSB1 MV and SSB2 MV should be 1 week of fully rest?


No SSB1 and SSB2 should be following each other without a full week in between , rest is already in the plan ( last week of each phase )

Great, thx for clarifying. How about going into Build Phase?

Same thing immediately after SSB2 , because at the end of SSB2 you have a recovery week !

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