Path to crushing the 2020 road season #shredroadgnar

Hey guys

If you were me this coming trainer season, would you do Traditional base 1-3, than sweet spot base 1 and 2 going into a build phase? Or immediately start with sweet spot base 1-2 with the idea of completing it twice before going into a build? I would like to excel at time trials, and breakaways in road races/ crits. Thank you for your thoughts and please feel free to check my past rides if that influences your judgment.


Avoid traditional base, unless you’re going to do a ton of volume and want to do a polarized training program.

If you are time constrained like 98% of working amateur athletes, SSB and then Build will get your fitness up in the shortest time.

Some options for when you have extra time towards your goal events.

Traditional Base can be a good start in a goal of following it with a Sweet Spot Base. It may be useful for those coming back from injury, illness or a long layoff.

But as mentioned, TB is a better payoff when you can fit in the Mid or High Volume versions.