Recommendation for Traditional Base -> SSB Low Vol


I have a question about how to transition from Traditional Base LV to SSB LV - or how to adjust SSB LV.

Background: I’m new to unstructured training. One of my knees is a bit sensitive to high increases in training stress, so whenever I train, I need to give it some time until the muscles and the joint are strong enough.

I did unstructured training last year and then in autumn began with SSB LV 1. Enjoyed it tremendously, until SLT elements made my knee angry and I had to stop in the last week of LV1.

I’m 4 months off the bike now and eager to start again but don’t want to run into the same situation. I figure if I don’t change anything, the result will be the same.

My plan is to start with Traditional Base LV1 but I am looking at continuing with SSB LV1 - SSB LV1 perfectly fits my available time and still gives me some room to ride outside. Traditional Base quickly becomes too demanding (time wise).

What would be the best strategy? Repeat every other week of SSB LV1 to create a slower TSS ramp? Mix elements of SSB LV1 and Traditional Base?

Any input would be appreciated!

Do you have the time to do Traditional Base II Low Volume before starting in on Sweet Spot? What about swapping one workout a week with Pettit the first time through? (Then you could probably repeat SSB I without replacing workouts thereafter.)

Traditional Base LV2 will quickly eat up my time budget. The idea of swapping one workout with Pettit is good though, that will probably make it a whole lot easier.

I developed severe tendonopathy where my Hamstrings insert into my tibia behind the knee this past Sept( overdoing it on a gran fondo). I stayed off the bike for 2 months, then just did super easy 30 min rides for 2 wks before starting Traditional Base, Low Volume; then Traditional Base 2 low volume. I’m almost finished with SSB LV 1. The only twinges I"ve had in my knee was trying Nate’s stunt to touch my toes. 64 years of age.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and congratulations on the recovery! Reassuring to hear that it works for you. Traditional Base LV2 will easily exceed my time budget, but maybe repeating LV1 is also an option before embarking on SSB LV1 again.