Which days for SSB? Planning my workouts

Starting SSB LV this week. Wondering about which days to ride? I’m thinking WMF and that will leave Satruday and Sunday for outside mtb days. Since Friday will be the difficult day I could use Saturdays MTB ride as a recovery ride if necessary. Sunday could be a rest day if necessary so as not to tax my Monday workout so much? Thoughts?

Tuesdays and Thursdays will either be rest days or easy spin days.

I know it will take some adjustment and I’ll have to see how my legs feel as i progress with the plan.

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Sounds reasonable to me! Low-volume scheduling is super flexible. Just make sure you’re getting enough real recovery for the hard rides, not “today’s a recovery day so I’ll go out and ride up some mountains and oops PR because it felt good” or something. You could even shove the 90-minute workout (normally Saturday) to Wednesday if you’ve got time, sandwich it between solid rest days on Tuesday and Thursday, do the hour-long workouts on Monday and Friday, and just have fun on the weekends.

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I’ve never had any luck treating an MTB ride as a recovery ride unless on an e-bike. It always turns into a hammerfest.

My schedule is Tue/Thu/Sat as the plan defaults and the outdoor ride falls on Sunday.

I’ve learned to enjoy the TR workouts, not just as something to “get through” in order to earn my Sunday ride. In fact, successful completion of TR workouts pump me up for Sunday.


Great question. I’m in this same boat. Trying to figure out how to stick to a TR plan but also do more. Summer in Texas is finally winding down and I want to get on the mtb and gravel bike more. I also want to spend a few days a week doing strength and yoga.

I could do the low volume plan on weekdays so I can do gravel/mtb outside (5 days on the bike), but then I won’t have time to do strength more than once a week…or, I can do TR twice during the week, do one TR outside on a Saturday or Sunday gravel ride, and then mtb the other day as a 4th bike workout but then have 2 days for strength/yoga.

It’s definitely hard to find time for off the bike work, doing a structured plan, AND getting outside with friends. Interested to hear what others have to say.

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lol @team_bunty I have that problem of every ride being a hammerfest. I have trouble dialing rides back because it’s just fun to go fast. :grinning: I too think I will enjoy the TR workouts. It’s not fancy to look at but I like looking at the metrics and reading the text makes things go by faster and I enjoy the insight. Sure beats the hell out of the non-structured trainer spins I was doing last year!