Setting up program

Been doing SSB MV1 for the past 3 weeks and it’s going well (switched over from Sufferfest). I can pretty easily fit in the 3 weekday workouts and 2 weekend workouts on this plan.

However with spring / summer coming I did a Zone 2 3-hour outdoor ride today instead of my planned Sunday workout.

I realized going fw that I’m most likely going to be outside on weekend rides and indoor on weekdays. And I find it hard to follow the TR programs outside.

So my question is…would I be better switching to SSB low volume and doing 3 TR sessions / week and then doing 2 long outdoor endurance rides on weekends?

Either way works and people do both. Personally I would do MV and just try to incorporate the spirit of the Saturday ride outside. Sunday is free to do a long endurance ride. Those Saturday workouts in both LV and MV are good workouts, but if you’re nailing the intervals on Tuesdays and Thursdays you’ll be good.

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Much appreciated!

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