Adding a day to SSBLV?

I am currently finishing up SSB MV1 but due to my schedule I have at most 4 days a week to train and often limited time. To accomplish this I have dropped the easy ride from the SSBMV1 and often end up doing a easier version of the Sunday ride.
For my next plan I was thinking about doing SSB LV2 and adding a 4th ride each week. My goal would be to ride Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday with the tuesday ride being the additional ride. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any suggestions for a hour long ride to add to SSB LV2?


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If Tuesday is the added ride, I would follow the structure of the Mid-Volume plan for what to do the day after the first hard ride of the week: add in Pettit. The stuff you’re doing on Mondays is not going to lend itself to doing anything but endurance riding the next day.

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Thanks, i could also add the additional ride after the Wednesday ride instead of after the Monday ride. Which days i ride is flexible as long as I dont do more then one weekend day and I prefer a day off after the Saturday ride

If the day is flexible, and you want more stress than Pettit, then you might try pulling in the Thursday workout from the corresponding week of SSBLV1 to do Thursday (with the SSBLV2 Thursday workout being done Wednesday):

Week 1: M-Ramp Test, W-Ebbets, Th-Mount Field, Sa-Kaweah
Week 2: M-Taylor-2, W-Donner, Th-Monitor, Sa-Clark
Week 3: M-Bluebell, W-Jepson, Th-Carson, Sa-Palisade

and so on.

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I’m in the exact same situation. Because of my schedule, I ended up with the following: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday are the scheduled LV rides and I added in Pettit every week on Friday. Works out great. The added volume and TSS feel good and the recovery is easy enough I don’t detract from the scheduled higher intensity rides.


In the MV and LV plans, the Tuesday and Saturday rides are generally similar difficulty (by IF). The Thursday ride is a little easier. MV adds a short aerobic ride on Wednesday and a long SS ride on Sunday.

The SS ride is a higher-quality workout, and it stands to reason that you should be able to do it after any of the major three workouts, as long as you maintain that there is a rest day before each of the major workouts.

Another option is to do the TR workouts on M, W, F, and do an outside ride Saturday e.g. a several hour endurance ride.

This schedule would allow you to get outside, and also add a several hour endurance ride to your training (which the TR LV plans generally lack).


What you can do, if possible, is to do the hard ride on monday evening and petit, fasted, on tuesday morning