Push / Pull Week Missing?

Maybe it’s my cold slowing down my brain, but I can’t seem to find the Push or Pull function to shift my training plan.

All I get when clicking on the 3-dots is this:

Did this get changed, renamed or altered in some way?

Maybe supplanted by Move Week? Is there a short cut in there to move it a week forward/back?

I just used push week for the first time - it is only available for weeks that haven’t started yet…

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I did Move and it only move the current week. It doubled up on the following week, without moving the subsequent weeks.

Another test shows that it seems Push is not possible on an active week. I can get that option on the next week (2nd of my current plan).

Current Week:

Next week:

So, even though my plan start isn’t set until Tuesday, It looks like I have to push from the “unstarted” week, and then move the current week.

Seems a bit limiting considering that I have not even started the plan. But I guess it works. 2 steps instead of one.


agreed with the guy that said you can’t use push/pull on a week you’ve started, found that out this morning. Figured out a work around since I decided I’m not healthy enough to take a ramp test today. I went to the week after and pushed it down a week then moved my current week down to the now empty week and that did the trick. an extra step to make work but it achieved the results i was looking for.


I tried the moved and ended up with a packed following week, like you did. Reading this your message now, I should have, like you said done the 2 step process.

  1. Push the following week
  2. Move current week to next.

That’s ok, no issues, 1 step is better but 2 steps is fine #firstworldproblems

Thanks @mcneese.chad

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