Bring back Push / Pull / Delete weeks [Feature Request]

Noticed that the desktop calendar doesn’t allow you to delete, push or pull full weeks anymore. This is probably part of the AT rollout. I dont use AT or ready plans; just pick workouts or create them via workout creator and plan my blocks that way.

Sometimes I get new insights or need to change things around. This was much easier when i could delete, push or pull full weeks.

Already sent a feature request via support but was wondering if any others experience the same problem?


Yup, they pulled it months ago with no fanfare, and I am certain it’s related to AT.

Really annoying and I think it was a mistake to fully remove it. If they want to restrict it from use with Plan Builder and AT, fine. But it should still be an option for the separate TR plans added manually and anyone making their own plans.

We’ve mentioned it multiple times in other threads, but it’s good to have a dedicated one here.


I don’t know if this works without AT, but one new feature I recently found when trying to move workouts ahead is that some(?) of the annotation tags move/push workouts on days with annotations. I have been recovering from an illness that has lingered and wanted to push my offseason plan a week. By tagging as illness, it pushed workouts to the next scheduled workout day.


Definitely would make my life easier…

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Months ago? Pretty sure I used it in the last weeks and ran into this for the first time this week.

If not possible, at least some sort of option where you can select multiple items to delete vs one by one.

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Maybe push/pull gets switched off when you switch AT on?

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Been missing from my calendar for a long time, since I was on it since March, it could have been pulled then.

Maybe it is connected to AT then? I’m not at a PC to try an easy test until Monday.

No, I’ve tried turning off AT but nada unfortunately. Let’s hope the feature request reaches the responsible team and they bring it back :crossed_fingers:


We’re brainstorming better/easier annotation for time off instead of pushing a week. For now; the recommended way to insert an extra rest week is to add a week of ‘vacation’, and now with Adaptive Training, the plan will adapt from there.
We removed push/pull functionality because in the context of PlanBuilder, where the end week of your plan is anchored by an event, pushing out a week isn’t a good experience since your plan would then spill past your ending event.

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Sure, we get that PB association, and it makes sense to lock out those tools in that specific context.

BUT… considering that the recently added ability to use “regular” plans added manually as controlled by AT, it seems like having the original P/P functionality would be appropriate. These are not necessarily bound by the same event-based restrictions as PB.

These processes below (spurred from comments by Nate years ago) are using those old P/P tools to a great degree.

I have no idea if I still plan to use my alternate method of applying TR plans, but if I choose to do that now, it will be a MASSIVE pain in the rear to handle without those tools.


I understand the thinking but for some of us we really dont have a real event date. We pick a date to keep plan builder happy. I aim to be at my strongest in late spring. No real reason as I dont race or do any events. I just like to be good at the start of my outside riding.


Plus those of us who are on self-built plans could really use this functionality.

I get TR is focused mainly on those athletes who are using Plan Builder tied to an event, but I would surmise (since I have zero access to TR user data) that there is still a substantial number of TR users who either 1). Build their own plans from TR plan components; 2). build completely custom plans from a combination of TR + custom workouts. And right now, it feels like not only is TR not adding features for these 2 groups, but is in ways making them worse off - the removal of push / pull / delete weeks is an example; the half implementation of sync’d TrainingPeaks workouts is another - half implementation as there is no way to turn this off, and your custom workouts list gets polluted by the sync’d TP workouts with no way to clean this up.

So this is a plea to think of your members’ experience who aren’t just using Plan Builder when building / modifying features.


Definitely hear you all, to reiterate, we’re brainstorming internally a better/easier way for athletes to do this.


Not to belabor the point, but before building something, please run it past some folks you fit into the target user segment. From working in a software company, it is really easy to think something you want to build is straight forward, and then have users come to a completely different opinion as they think of the problem differently :thinking:


If you guys decide to not bring it back, at least consider a delete button for full weeks. I really do think the calendar part should have no dependencies and should stay a ‘’neutral‘’ planning space for all type of users.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I DEFINITELY want the push week! I am also the guy who asked repeatedly for a PUSH DAY for people like me who can afford to push their plans based on life. Life intervenes constantly and I do not need a weekly periodization. So please bring back the PUSH WEEK and also consider a PUSH DAY, especially for people who are not targeting specific events/races. I need to control my schedule right now a lot more than I need a specific landing schedule for an event. For what it’s worth, I push weeks so I can have an open week beyond the current one so I can MANUALLY push days out and fill back in. Inevitably I catch up and pull back weeks and days, but right now I’m doing it manually. For TR staff, the smarter you make us, the more we want to have customized control of our schedules. You are doing your part to make us smarter, but the program needs to accommodate us getting smarter and even (this would be a shocker) caution us if our personal tweaks are somehow not contributing to going faster… The goal here is superior automated coaching, and that should be a system that allows the athlete to customize the automation as they find out what works. My two cents.


Push week was one of the best features in TR- not in calendar but in whole TR ecosystem. We want to push our weeks again!:wink:


The idea of using a control called “annotations” to modify a calendar does not appear to be great UX.


For what its worth. Adding the “time-off” annotation worked well for me with PB/AT adapting and pushing the week. :ok_hand:t4:

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How was your current plan added, Plan Builder or manually?

If Plan Builder, do you have a target event/date, or just a plan added with not target?