Where are the Enthusiast plans?

I can’t see these plans in the (android) app nor on the website in plan builder

They show up at the bottom of the list of Specialty plans for me. After “Off Road”

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Here - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/plans/category/23-enthusiast

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As covered, they will only be found in the Specialty section of the “old” TR plans setup. They are not part of the Plan Builder tool. You must add them via the old method.

I’m a new user :wink:

Which plan would you recommend? I don’t want to compete, just looking for general fitness and maybe a bit of muscle building (since I don’t have access to a gym for the foreseeable future). I am in doubt between enthusiast maintenance, rolling road race or criterium plans. I sort of miss my peak performance last summer (the all time line)…

The “maintenance” plan is a bit of a misnomer. Once you dig into it, you’ll see it’s actually called “HIT Maintenance”, and that describes it better: it’s almost exclusively VO2Max and anaerobic intervals. Maybe that’s ok for you, maybe not. I have similar goals (basic fitness, maintaining cardio level, improving cycling-specific fitness without any competitive goals), and I use a sequence of base + general build to get there. Your mileage may vary.

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As a new user, I would use plan builder. TR recommend most people use Low Volume plans and add extra rides as needed. Most new users go for mid or high volume plans and end up failing. Also, LV plans allow you the room to insert weekend group rides or races without altering or skipping workouts on the plan.


Agreed with @Pbase - stick a Plan Builder plan in and see how you manage with that at low volume. Add extra workouts if needed using TrainNow.

Sweetspot Base 1 and 2 LV are a great place to start with TR.


I’ve just completed ssb1 and now started ssb2, just have no idea what specialty to chose and which build to complement the specialty. I like HIIT and want to see if I can get the rest of my power curve at the same point as my 60s power last summer (which I did without any training)

Didn’t know these existed. These seem more my style tbh. Since I work a physical job I’ve been finding it hard to stay consistent with even the standard low volume plans. I’m going to try the 45 min plan for a while and see what kind of results I can get.