Plan for fitness enthusiast?

So my wife is not a cyclist. She was a runner before getting a hip injury that took 2.5 years to correctly diagnose. She’s now recovering from labrum repair & impingement removal. She’s been able to steadily add some resistance (starting a zero), and is now looking for something a little more challenging to help get her into shape while she still works towards walking and eventually running again.

Looking through the plans, there’s not much for someone who would like to ride 30-45 minutes most days of the week.

My thoughts are to have her do sweet spot base low volume (which is 3 rides per week), and then do the minus versions of the workouts where she can to get them down to 30-45 min (most are 60-90 minutes in the plan). Then add in a Dans or similar on the days inbetween.

Anybody done something like this before? Might be a plan @chad might consider putting together to expand the TR target audience.

One place to start is the “Enthusiast” section under the “Specialty” phase:

Mid and/or High Volume versions within there may be close to what you want.

Your expanded “target audience” sounds incredibly specific.

Firstly, having a training plan for someone who isn’t a cyclist sounds like a pretty tough sell.

Secondly, why have her doing something so intense? I’d propose unstructured riding outside to be a better start for a non cyclist than a strict indoor regime which you can’t enjoy unless you like suffering.

Thirdly, if you really have to use TR then why not General Build instead of Sweet Spot since you don’t seem to be time crunched and SS is still quite intense?

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I can shed some light on my basic fitness plan that has gone really well. With 45 min a day training at 4w/kg I feel great while recovering from a year of hard training/racing which culminated in a broken collarbone. My plan is to focus on overall heath/fitness/strength for the three - four months and then ramp back up for my A race in November.

All that said, I’m on the bike 45 min a day, 7 days a week. I do Gendarme - 3 (Vo2) on Mon, Geiger - 4 (SS) on Thur, & I do Carter (Z2) every other day - or ride outside Z2. For strength training I’m just doing 100 kettlebell swings (in sets of 10) and 10 getups every day. BL, I feel super strong and would do this forever if my goal was overall health/wellness.

Thanks, didn’t even think to look in specialty

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The expanded target audience is basically everyone who owns or wants a peloton. I’d imagine there’s a lot more people out there who exercise 30-45 minutes everyday than people who exercise 1-2 hours 3x a week.

She can’t ride outside, her hip is still unstable. This is just to give some structure to the workouts and have it not be so boring. She won’t be doing these at the intensity you would be.

General build is incredibly boring, see above.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks, just picking a few of the 30-45 minute workouts and repeating them is a pretty good idea!

It hides in there too well. They almost need a “General Fitness” plan category since I think most people wouldn’t expect it in the Specialty section either.

Agree, or maybe change the base to base/general and put it in there as that’s the first place I looked for something like it.

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I’ve used the Maintenance low volume plan last summer - it has a lot of variety, but it’s interval-heavy. Hidden into the details is its other name, “HIT Maintenance”, and HIT it is. Get ready for loads of VO2.

Thanks, yeah I noticed that. I think she’ll be better off doing the sweet spot type workouts, but doing them at a lower intensity (basically whatever feels ok while her hip is still healing).