Training plan advice next training plan?

Hello, as a true amateur I use the training plan builder. I am using TR for 2 years and it is fine. But When I finish a plan I can get a new plan without knowing if thats the wise or correct choice. I miss guidance why I should choose the next training plan. I think oke did the the base and go to the next. Making use of AI (FTP) I think is there a possibility to suggest the next plan?

I’m assuming English is not your first language? Please reword your question as it’s hard to understand exactly what you’re asking.

Feedback on how the plan went is an interesting idea.

You can review how many workouts you completed and how you feel, hopefully your FTP improved too, but what the next plan should be is up to you and the races you choose to target ( and you put these races into plan builder)

Oke it is up to me, but TR has all the data. I think that is gold information to get a better training advice for the next training plan. I gain from which is fine. AI detected. So TR could give suggestions for the next plan for the goal I choose.

If I finish a training plan the next plan TR could suggest me a next plan when I choose a next goal. What would be a better choice. I am guessing now and pick one which I think is nice. No clue if that is the better choice.

Back to base - and build thereafter specialty with the new ftp. You just started so no need to mix up if you saw results, unless you want to focus eg shortpower vs longpower - than u choose a different build

Hey there @pmeulman,

It looks like you’ve been adding individual training phases (Polarized Build & General Base) to your calendar. I can see how, when working this way, it can be a bit confusing as to which phase to add to your plan next.

What I recommend most of our athletes do is to use Plan Builder to build out a full training plan, even if you don’t have any targeted events in your future. In this situation, you can simply select the type of riding you mostly do or the discipline that you’re hoping to improve upon (Climbing Road Race, Cross Country Marathon, Gran Fondo, etc.)

These custom training plans have the potential to keep you going for a while, and they transition you from one phase into the next so that you don’t have to worry about it on your own.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions on how to get a full-length training plan going on your calendar. I’d be happy to help out! :grin:


What Eddie said. :+1:

If you want to keep adding individual plan blocks, I’d suggest going “in order” - roughly - base 1, base 2, build, specialization, repeat. But the Plan Build makes this automatic - just pick a start date, some events (if none, add a made-up A event that’s 4-6 months away) and let TR generate the plan for you.

There are some advanced options during the builder - you can tweak which days have workouts, the length of those workouts, and swap individual block types (from Sweet Spot to Polarized or Masters, etc). Or you can just leave it all default and tweak individual workouts as needed.

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Oke great explanation. This is oke if I change manually and maybe in the future AI will do suggestions in the process of the training plan. Thank you for now.

If you use Plan Builder, the plan will adapt as you complete or fail workouts (assuming you do the post-workout survey). Miss a week (or fail a couple workouts) due to illness? The plan will adjust to easier workouts for a while. Nail the workouts and rate them as easy? The plan will assign harder workouts in the future.