I´m New on Trainer Road

Hello TrainerRoad team.
I have recently started using the app.
I have created my training plan based on the races I have scheduled this year.
I am not sure if this question has been asked before but I have the following concern.

I practice MTB and ROAD bike, but I don’t see where to create a training plan where both modalities are contemplated.

Or should I create (and I don’t know if it can) create two training plans in the part where it says Specialty Phase.
Or when when I create a training plan and specify the type of races that I will take into account that information?


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If you use plan builder (recommend) the plan will be customised to account for the type of races you have scheduled.

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Welcome to TR.
You will not see much difference in the plans, if you Pick Hilly Road Race or Off Road Hilly MTB. If You pick Low Volume and do 3 rides per week and do weekend MTB Rides as you maintain your skills. The main thing to remember is FTP increase is what TR will bring to the party. If You are doing Sweetspot base in MTB or Road plans… its sweetspot base. Ifts Intervals at threshold, its intervals at threshold…

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