Feature Request - Track Cycling for Plan Builder

I’ve recently started racing and training more on the track. I realize a lot of track disciplines are sprint/anaerobic by nature…but it would be great to be able to add in a track race and have any of the backend magic running the “train now” or adaptive training understand what kind of efforts they are and respond accordingly. Under event type, I’ve been selecting Crit - but the track is a bit different :wink:


I’ve always wondered why they don’t have the track discipline included.

Relaying this to the team for sure!


As a primarily track-focused cyclist, I’d also love to see something more tailored to the demands of generic mass-start racing.
The crit plan does map closest to what I do, but still lacks some in terms of repeatability and intensity.

That said, I doubt it would ever make sense for TR to make plans for every flavor of track, and the type of training that someone focusing on sprinting or pursuiting will do is going to look very different from a typical enduro.

That’s a good point, but I suspect there’d be a few ‘sweet spot’ types of plan which could result in either 2 or 3 ‘track’ training plans.
I’m thinking - points race, scratch race, 200m, events - focusing on max short power.
kilo, team pursuit, 4000m - all-out power at VO2max
I’m not sure how you’d plan for elimination races.

Hey there!

I totally agree that Track racing is a bit different than crit racing since the events are MUCH shorter.

In these cases, we recommend manually changing the Build and Specialty plans to the following:

Short Course:

Optimal Training Progression

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Short Power Build

Specialty: Gravity

Long Course: (10+ minutes)

Optimal Training Progression

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty: 40K TT

One day, I would really like to see this integrated into Plan Builder as well, it’s just a matter of Development Resources going full tilt towards Adaptive Training at the moment :+1:.


Bryce, you rock. This is really helpful…


My favorite is the Madison, but that’s easy - just do Ansel Adams variants until you puke.

the problem with including this would be for what discipline or race?!

Youd need mulitple plans for sprinting (including high cadence work) pursuit and different workouts for almost all endurance based riders depending on ability and age.

a standard scratch race could last between 10 and 30 minutes, with madison at higher levels being 40plus.

Personally I build my own depending on race ie team sprint, team pursuit, 500m, Im a constant user of workout creator

Well season one on the track… nabbed a State Champ in Omnium and top 10 at nats.

I moved away from the platform and am working with a coach… but still feeding in my data, happy to share that.

It’s funny to see how adaptive training assesses my track workouts. I think after my first 2 workouts it adjusted my VO2 and Sprint to 10+ ha!

Thanks for the guidance and support. Now on to the off-season training.


This may not be quite the right place for this, but even more than the feature request, and hopefully more manageable, I would really appreciate a deep dive into track on the podcast. The few times it gets mentioned - and granted this was a while back on the podcast, with lots of improvement between then and now - it sort of gets dismissed as being just like crits.

There’s so much to dig into! Fitness, tactics, gear, culture, race styles, big events, cross training, and more.

And, if you’re looking for a guest or two to support such a deep dive, I’d be happy to join and could bring a teammate!


OPE almost the right spot, a request for podcast content would go to Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - TrainerRoad. Cheers!


Done! Also, you responding to my post on here is the most validated I’ve felt today!

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Hi, I’m wondering if there has been any progress on adding track cycling? I’m currently trialling TrainerRoad and really like it, but this is a big feature that’s missing for me and might be a deal breaker :frowning:

No updates at the moment, but you can still use these recommended ad-hoc plans that will absolutely work within Adaptive Training. Sorry I dont have better news, the team is super focused on higher priority releases and updates at the moment.