Enthusiast maintenance specialty plans for off-season (with strength training)?

Hello, looking way ahead to the fall 2021, October time frame, I am curious if the enthusiast maintenance specialty plans (low volume) would be good to pair with strength training?
Following this season, in the fall, Oct - January, I would like to try and do 2-3 days of strength and core work. I am wondering what is the best plan to do at this time to try and minimize the cycling losses from the year while also not compete against the strength and core work.
Or should you just to sweet spot base training instead at this time?
I believe if you just use plan builder you will get a base-build-repeat scenario given you have so much time to fill but wondering if these newer specialty plans would be any better.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
If you had any suggestions on weekly schedule that would also be great. Alternating could leave the legs tired to do the TR workout, however, stacking both on the same day is tough due to other life commitments.
Thanks in advance.

This was discussed on a podcast episode some time ago (summer 2020, iirc), and the suggestion was, as always, it depends.

I think the advice was that time-crunched or maintenance would both keep you pretty sharp, but they do contain a lot of high intensity, as that’s usually what drops off quickest. If that goes against or interferes with your weight work, then doing something like SSB LV might be a better bet.

You could also do SSB LV but select the minus versions of all workouts (you’ll have to do it manually), so you’re still following a progression, but with lower volume overall. This would then keep you on the bike 3x a week, but not leave you too tired for the other work you’re prioritising.

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How hard/heavy is the strength work?

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Thank you @JoeX and @zwillis1 .
LV volume would likely by fine, 3 days and 3.5 hours per week on the bike.
I am relatively new to endurance, in my 3rd season and 2nd season with TR.
My strength is actually probably a good base as that is more my fitness background and my endurance needs the most work. However, I am also of masters age, 46 in less than a month, so I understand the importance of strength as we age.
My plan was workouts at home with dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, some plyometric jumping, core, … So likely on the “lighter” side as I won’t really be doing any one rep max workouts, hex bar deadlifts, …
I am thinking SSB LV may be the way to go so I am building my base more?
I guess I was looking for a bit more variety throughout the year (besides just doing SSB pt 1 & 2, sustained power build, and century, multiple times throughout the year, each year), however, if it ain’t broke and I am seeing FTP gains … ? Maybe I can spice things up with a different build or specialty plan?
We’ll see how my motivation and everything is going in the fall but I am thinking more base may be the best for me.


That makes sense to me. I’d probably think of starting you strength plan something like October no structured bike training but a weekly longish ride, Nov/Dec maintenance plan, Jan SSB, but those are just my ideas - yours are fine too :+1:

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Thanks @JoeX
Just to confirm, when you say for Nov/Dec, maintenance plan, you are referring to the “enthusiast maintenance” TR specialty phases plans correct?
Thanks for the suggestion as again, having a bit more variety and mixing in something different, if even only slightly for a month or 2, may be good for the mind.