When to start new plan?

If I’m using the Plan Builder, is there a point where I should end one plan and start another? I have most of the races and major events entered through October - typically one 3-6 hour XC or gravel race per month as an A or B race, plus a few C races, fondos, etc. Should I reset the plan and have it end at the next A race, then start a new plan for the 2nd A race? I assume not, as Plan Builder seems to restart me on base and build blocks, usually after A races, which is all a new plan would do, right?

Related question, I selected mid-volume, and looking at the pre-selected workouts, they never really push my Progression Levels much beyond 5. Is this expected, or should I be seeing workouts in the 7-8 range at some point? I’m using AIFTP, so maybe it just expects my FTP will creep up over time, so the PLs associated with workouts don’t go up much?

Last question… based on my events, the plan looks correct. Lots of sweet spot, threshold, and V02, etc as I tend to do XC marathon, fondos, and gravel races. But, should there be occassional sprint work or anaerobic workouts that stress those systems? My anaerobic PL is sitting at 1 and that makes me sad. :rofl:

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to workouts more than say 2 weeks out. As you complete (pass or fail) workouts it’ll move your workout levels a little bit and then adapt some in the future. So once you complete say a level 5.0 sweet spot it will probably adapt the next SS workout to a 5.4-5.6 range.

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