Need opinions on plan and plan builder going forward

Quick review of my experience so far with trainerroad. I started in November of 2019. My first ftp test was 293w. My A race was a 60k mtb race in June of 2020 that never happened but in the build up to that, I hit a peak in my fitness early and ended up over training. I spent most of the summer aimlessly floating around in specialty and racing random races while being fatigued and overtrained. At one point my ftp was up to 338 but I was failing a lot of workouts. By the end of July, beginning of august, I had enough, I took a week off the bike and hit reset. Started a new plan in august via plan builder for my A race in June (same mtb race as last year).

I started the new plan at an ftp of 319w. The plan goes in this order (all mid volume):
Sweet spot base vol 1
Sustained power build (current phase that I’m working on)
Sweet spot base vol 2
Sustained power build
Sweet spot base vol 2
Specialty cross country marathon

After completing my first base block I tested at 338w
After the first half of build (3 work weeks) I tested at 348w
I’m still feeling fresh and strong. My concern is going from this build phase, to base mid volume 2. I don’t want to burn out, and I feel like I should do another block of base vol 1 at my new ftp. I made huge gains in my first base phase, and I mentally enjoyed it. Yes I will lose some of the top end that I gained in this build phase, but I still have another build phase, another base vol 2 phase, and specialty to tune up the top end. I hit a new vo2 of 63 (per garmin measuring) this morning and I feel amazing, but I now know that I can certainly dig myself into a hole.

So, should instead of going from build to base 2, can I still benefit if I go from build to base 1 and complete base 1 at a much higher ftp. I think it would really give my body time to adjust and make this new ftp really stick.

I’d like to know your thoughts and/or experience on this!

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No opinions on how I should move forward with my next phase?

I would do Base 1 again at your Higher FTP. Watch out for over training signs. Make sure you have all the recovery stuff sorted too. Sleep, post exercise recovery. Make sure you are not loosing weight etc.

I have noted that the Base workouts this time round for myself appear slightly tougher since the summer updates.

The other thing to remember what your long term Goal is. When you want to Peak your fitness You can not stay at the peak all of the time.

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