Changing races/plans

Hi all. I started a training plan using the plan builder on 10/13. My intent was to train for an XC race with a target date of 4/11. I used the XC Olympic plan anticipating a 12ish mile race. That race doesn’t appear to be happening this year.

I do see a another race scheduled in May that I’m interested in. It is a longer race at 20 miles so I’m thinking that would be more Marathon. But, I’m going to enter singlespeed so I’m not sure how that effects training. I am finishing Short Power Build this week. I am doing a low volume plan.

I tried plugging 2 different plans into Plan Builder. One was if I started on 10/13 with my my new target date of 5/2 and doing XC Marathon instead of XC Olympic. This plan has me finishing Sustained Power build next week and then doing 8 weeks of XC Marathon Specialty.

The second I used a start date of 3/1. That plan has me doing SSBII for 4 weeks, then Sustained Power Build for 4 weeks, and the 1 week of XC Marathon Build.

The second sounds more appealing because of the variety. It would easier to add some strength training in and maybe some outdoor rides in addition to the plan in SSBII.

I imagine others are in the same boat so was looking for some feedback.

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Kind of the same boat here. Schedule is constantly changing with races being canceled/scheduled and tentative dates. A couple of popular races I thought were going to happen doesn’t seem like they will. One of them was an A race. Do we just start new training plans once a race we know is going to happen or what