Plan builder help

Currently the two fondos I am training for haven’t been cancelled as of yet (mid-Aug and mid-Sept). That said, I’m revising my goals to include improving my times on 3 local climbs. They’re around 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

My current plan has me doing:

  • SS Base Mid Volume II
  • Sustained Power Build Mid Volume
  • Century Mid Volume.

I’ve just finished SSB Mid Volume and Mid Volume II (but plan builder has me repeating SSB MV II). Would there be a benefit to switching to a 40k TT Specialty plan (or 1 month’s worth of it). Currently aiming for early to mid-July for the climbs.

And re: SSB MV II as part of the new plan I just created. Repeat it or go with sustained power build now?


do a five minute test, all out, if you haven’t already done one recently. Then compare that number to your FTP. If your FTP is somewhere around 75 to 80% of that number, sure, go ahead and redo SSB. If yoru FTP is more like 85% of that five minute number, IMHO you’re not gonna get much out of more sweet spot, and you’d want to do workouts that tax (and force to adapt) your Vo2max.

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Ok. Would it make sense to do another ramp test, then the 5m test within a few days and then do the math? My last ramp test was 6 weeks ago and I feel like my FTP came up a bit since then.

definitely could do that if you feel like it’d be helpful. A lot of people find that they don’t really need to test FTP, they can rather get a sense of what it is from the benchmark FTP workouts, i.e. whether it feels like the “right” FTP.

We don’t recommend doing a Specialty Phase prior to the Build Phase since the plans are designed to be completed in a specific order. The Specialty Phase is more of the final tweaks to your fitness; sharpening the blade so to speak. Base and Build are the foundation of your training. Since you have completed SSB I and II already, I would recommend jumping into the Sustained Power Build now. Being an 8 week plan, you will complete this plan just in time for a July filled with hill climbs :+1:.