When Did you cancel your "A " Event from Plan Builder?

My 'A" event was scheduled for April 23-25. I knew over a month ago that it was canceled. I had completed Sweet Spot Base and was in General Build LV when I lost all motivation to train with all this COVID19 going on. I started skipping workouts and/or cutting them short if I did start one.

Two weeks ago I got my motivation back and I am two weeks into Specialty Rolling Road Race LV. I have not deleted my “A” event from Plan Builder yet. I’m trying to decide if I should delete it after this Saturday’s workout or if I should wait until the week of the event, (April 21st), to recalculate my plan. My next “A” event is June 27th and it has not been cancel yet.

For those of you that had to cancel an “A” event did you do it right away and recalculate, or did you keep it on your calendar as motivation and waited to cancel and recalculate your plan?

Thankfully haven’t had to kill my A race yet but I’ve been wiping all the races as they’ve been cancelled. 8 days gap between current cancellation end (May 31) and A race (June 8), so I doubt it’s happening though :frowning:

Guess I’m going to start Zwifting :grimacing:

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I’ve only just deleted mine. I wanted to train right up the original taper, allowing me to set a benchmark.

As my A race has been rescheduled, I now have something solid to shot for in terms of goal and fitness.

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I haven’t deleted mine at all.
I don’t my event is happening at all for real, but I’m continuing to train as if it is (150 mile ride).

what I’m planning on doing is training for it as if it’s happening, maybe doing the actual ride on my trainer (kinda like Disaster Day) and then having a rethink. Who knows what might be cancelled/rescheduled?

I am trying to incorporate a few off the bike things like doing planks, pullups and press-ups.

I think it’s an excellent point about not depleting yourself to a point that you are affecting your immunity, so not training on the same day that you’re going outside shopping.

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