Plan builder & cancelled B race

This might have been answered elsewhere, but there’s a chance one of my B races will be cancelled this weekend. I’ve got my schedule worked out in plan builder, is there an easy way to take out the race and the openers before it and put back in the original training rides?

I thought plan builder just populated your calendar so just schedule the workouts you want to do then go to the calendar and click on the trashcan icon on each of the events/workouts you don’t want to do.

If you’ve not committed your plan to the calendar then it’s probably easiest to start again but that might depend on just how many events/races you have scheduled for the season.

I’m about 7 weeks into the plan, and yes I could just delete the race/openers and sub in the correct rides from base into there, but it would be cool if there was an easier way.

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How much easier could it possibly be?


It would be cool if you could click the B event, and select something like “Cancel/Withdraw” and it would auto-correct to cancel the event and openers/taper, and add the plan workouts back in. Probably a lot of work for the software team though. But certainly easier than having to find the plan, find what week you’re on, and re-add the workouts you need.

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Can’t you delete and hit “recalculate”?

Maybe, I just didn’t want to screw up what’s already there.

Anyway, I’ll have a play about over the weekend and see.

I have a 5 hour race I need to delete as well. Would LOVE to do it again — but will mess up training for my bigger goals.

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