Plan Builder Recalculation

My first A-race (rolling road race) mid June was just cancelled. I have another A-race end of October.
I was just heading this week into a recovery week. I removed the A race in June and plan builder asked to recalculate, which I did. Plan builder has me now go back 2 weeks and repeat the same two weeks of harder workouts (rolling road race) that I just completed. Recovery week would now start after these 2 harder weeks. Is this intended or should I make modifications? Should I better start the plan all over now?

Something very similar happened to me. I feel like plan builder adjusts well to tweaks, but doesn’t do well with the near term plan when there are huge date swings with the A-race.

I ended up ignoring the plan changes and figured I would finish up the current build phase in flight, and then start a new plan with a new start date in a couple of weeks.

Yeah i would delete your plan builder plan, continue into your recovery week, then redo plan builder after this week with your new race dates

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