What's the general response time TR shoots for on support tickets?

Just wondering… :grin:

Around 24 hours max for mine.

I submitted mine yesterday afternoon, so hopefully I hear back before my ride tomorrow.

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Any chance we can help?

It’s a bluetooth HRM connectivity issue.

Copy that. Good luck.

Have you tried force quitting your app and turning your BLE connection off and back on? That seemed to work for me. Also, make sure you disconnect the sensor from the strap after each workout. Don’t need the metal bits corroding.

Let me know how that helps. I had a similar issue and that was the solution they provided. It’s worked ever since.

  1. Yes, I’ve already tried that. No go. My monitor connects to my phone, but doesn’t show up in the app.

  2. It’s an optical sensor, so nothing to disconnect :slight_smile:

  1. That sucks. Is it being used by another app?

  2. Which device are you using?

If another app is connected via Bluetooth, then TR app can’t connect. Its happened to me, the Wahoo Fitness app insisted on connecting to my TickrX. I had to remove the TickrX from sensor list in the Wahoo Fitness app.

Might not be your problem, just saying Bluetooth can be a pain in the *ss sometimes.

I don’t think that’s it, unless its just the general “health” app on iOS tripping it up.

Are using a Garmin watch?
I use my FR235 with a Mac, I am able to select the “broadcast HR” on my watch and TR picks it up from there.
I do however use a ANT+ adapter to connect everything rather than bluetooth.

I’m using a Scosche Rhythm+.

I have a similar problem with my Favero pedals., but not isolated to TR. If they’re connected to an app on my phone, I can’t connect to them with TR or another app on my phone. Thought that was a new one, since I always thought the limitation of BLE was one connection (I.e. Phone or laptop), not one app.

I’ve heard great things about that sensor. Any word from support yet?

I really do love the sensor. Cheap, great battery life and more comfortable than a chest strap (in my opinion). Bought it on DCRainmaker’s recommendation and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Nothing from support yet :pensive:

The app “owns” the Bluetooth connection. I don’t believe iOS/Android/etc are capable of multiplexing access to Bluetooth.

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I’ve only had one support ticket that fell through the cracks but otherwise all others were answered quickly and sometimes on holidays. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you let support know which version (i)OS you are using and experiencing trouble with.

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In case anyone at TR is reading this…it’s extremely old version of iOS on my cracked iPhone 6s that desperately needs an upgrade.

i find ant+ just works better all round - with addition of long usb extension to get the dongle closer to the trainer