Heart Rate Monitor Paired with iPhone But Not TR App?

I’m planning on doing another ramp test by attaching a Polar H10 I just bought to the monitor so I can observe my heart rate and ensure I get well into the anaerobic zone before I bow out. I was able to pair the heart rate monitor earlier with my phone and to the TR app (once it connected it pulled up some helpful info about using the monitor correctly).

Fast forward about 20 minutes and when trying to pair my power meter, the heart rate monitor pairing was gone. I have tried everything to get it to re-pair with the app (turned it on and off, reset my bluetooth settings, redownloaded the TR app). To be clear, the monitor shows up in the Bluetooth section on the phone and my heart rate shows up in the Health app. I’ve been at this for nearly an hour and it’s driving me batty.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m probably just going to do this test with power only but I’d really love to get HR data as I think it would be both motivating and informative.

This happens to me frequently. What works for me is I turn off bluetooth while in the TR app and then turn it back on. Heart rate shows up. Seems simple, good luck!


Happens to me all the time. Best way I’ve found to do it is to make sure TR is open & running when you put the HR strap on. I usually select the Devices tab so I can see that it pairs. This has prevented me from having to shut off BT & turn it back on. Hopefully this works for you, too!

There’s a lot of good advice in this thread so far! If you try these suggestions and you are still unable to pair to your HRM, go ahead and reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com and we’ll help you get to the bottom of this :+1:.

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Many Bluetooth devices can only talk to one app at a time. So make sure you have quit all other apps that might try to connect to your device. If they are in the background they can steal the connection from TR. I have seen that with my power meter and HR strap.

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This is true. But it’s the app’s fault, not the device. Depends on how the app is coded. If appropriately coded, an app can connect to a transmitting Bluetooth device (Eg like a HRM) that is already connected to another app on that device (at least on iPhone).


Thanks for the replies everyone. I was able to get things working by physically removing the battery from the heart rate monitor. I don’t know what kind of funky state things got into but that seemed to work.

Had similar issues, today… Win10 box died, so tried to pivot to iPhone to record workout.

Finally had to uninstall / reinstall TR to connect to speed/cadence sensor… but never would see HR strap.

I’m an IT Admin (cloud systems) and a former Ent. Mobility Manager… and I wound up with a burger instead of a ride.

Other apps don’t have this issue… I use the same HR monitor with several apps. Please fix… or let me use my Apple Watch for HR.


I suspect it’s because the TR iPhone app is not coded is native iOS Swift, and coded using some other cross-OS development tool like Xamarin.

Bluetooth heart rate monitors (HRM) can only pair to one device (or application) at a time. If you are struggling to pair to the TrainerRoad app, there is a good chance that your signal is being “tied up” through a connection with another app/device.

Go through any app that you may have the HRM paired to, and force it to “Forget Device” and manually unpair it. This should allow you to make the connection in TrainerRoad.

If there are no apps that it could be paired to, and you’re still experiencing the issue, then go ahead and reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com. An agent would be happy to look into this particular situation and help you reach a resolution :+1:.