Garmin sensors and iOS

I’m having trouble sensing and connecting my Garmin HRM, Speed and cadence sensors to TrainerRoad app via Bluetooth on my iPhone 11 or IPads……but I can see them in my Samsung S9+ phone…bluetooth and ANT+

What gives with these connection issues?

Hi @Bearlover1954,

I know it sounds obvious but are you sure they are Bluetooth sensors? iOS will only connect via Bluetooth so make sure you have the newer Garmin sensors.

also if they are connected to something else it won’t show up. BT has limited connection points vs. ant+. I use my iphone to connect my Neo bike and Wahoo tickr hr strap. Neo bike though it bundled as 1 connection though which is nice.

They are Bluetooth as they connect with my Garmin edge 130 and vivoactive4 watch which are both Bluetooth….when I started using TrainerRoad there was no problem with my iPhone……now only my iPads will work with TrainerRoad and my sensors….I’ve changed all battery’s….wahoo fitness didn’t have problems before but I’m feeling it’s a previous version of iOS that’s the problem. My Samsung android sees both Bluetooth and ANT+ signals so I know the sensors are working….times like this I wish I’d stayed with android.

Maybe it’s my Garmin vivoactive 4 watch since all 3 sensors are paired with it….I’ll power it down Tuesday before my workout as well as my other iPads and just use the iPhone and see if they show up. Sounds like a Tim Cook fuckup at Apple messing with other products……lol

Both devices also connect via Ant. Are you sure those devices are using the BT connection?

I am not an Apple person myself, so I can’t help you there.

Historically Bluetooth sensors only supported 1 connection, so if your Vivoactive 4 connects first then TR cannot connect. So powering down your watch before next workout is a good idea.

Once I had a problem with TR on a laptop, and TR support had me reset BT on the laptop. If powering down your Vivoactive doesn’t resolve the issue, reach out to support and ask for help.

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I deleted the sensors from my watch, turned off Bluetooth on my iPads and tried again….TR on my iPhone sees the sensors but no data coming in…yet when I try my android phone TR sees the sensors in BT and ANT+ and my iPad mini with TR sees the sensors…just not the iPhone. Would like TR support run some connection tests with the iPhone, android and iPads with the Garmin sensors which broadcast BT and ANT+

Email support and find out.

I’d probably delete the TR app and reinstall, before contacting support.

I’ve got the same problem on my iPhone 2020se and I’m fairly certain it’s an iOS problem because the Garmin HRM dual works fine for TR on my iPhone 6se which doesn’t have the latest iOS updates. FWIW there’s plenty of folk on the Zwift forum that have the same problem and one of the solutions seems to be factory reset which for me wouldn’t be practical.

I tested it on my iPhone and iPad and TR sees the sensors on both but no data coming thru on the iPhone but iPad is getting data.

I’ve already done the factory reset on my iPhone 11 Pro Max….talked to ATT tech support and I’m taking the phone in to have it tested and possible swap out with the same model even though I’m still paying for it….or just use my Samsung S9+ to run TR then just use my Garmin Edge 130 when doing outside rides or non-TR workout indoor rides. Technology sucks sometimes…was about to blame sunspots for this issue….lol

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I’ve check a friends iPhone 12 and his phone is also showing the same problem…he hasn’t upgraded to ios15 yet….so looks like the issue is the iOS operating software….my ipads running ipadOS15 shows my sensors with not problems.

For what its worth I have:

  • iPhone SE (gen2)
  • TrainerRoad beta app
  • Garmin dual (BT/ANT+) HRM

The HRM was previously paired with the app. I haven’t used TR app for a long long time.

The app is showing HR and it matches the HR on my Apple Watch.

Did you contact TR support? If not, email them at

Already contacted them…my phone sees my HRM just no data…but no speed or cadence on my bike…my iPads see everything when I run the TR app so it has to be an iOS issue….same problem the Zwift users are having with the app on Apple TV and the zwift companion app on the iPhone…iOS doesn’t like to share the BT data stream between devices….strange that the iPads have no problem,
So I’ll just use my iPad for indoor TR training sessions.