TrainerRoad software never detects ant+ or Bluetooth on first opening

Every time I open TR on my computer (MacBook Pro 2012), the software doesn’t pick up on my ant+ stick nor does it connect to Bluetooth. Once I close and reopen the app, it works just fine. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Have you contacted about this issue?

I contacted support about this same issue with no luck. It started for me after upgrading iOs on my phone, and never happened before in a year of TR workouts. Fix, as mentioned above, is to turn off Bluetooth after launching TR on phone, and turn it on again for every workout. Kind of a pain, for sure. TR support didn’t address issue of this being a new bug since iOs update. Bummer.

Not TR specific, but I’ve seen the same kind of connectivity problems with my Garmin devices intermittently over the years when they push an iOS update down.

More frustrating is losing the connectivity with my Toyota, getting it back with the next patch, and losing it again.

I miss Jobs. This never happened when he was alive.