What's the general response time TR shoots for on support tickets?

If you can figure out a solution to use ant+ with my iphone then I’ll use it :slight_smile:

I’ve posted several, the modern way is to use 4iii HRM because it will bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth. So all you ANT+ devices talk to the HRM, and your iPhone has a single Bluetooth connection to your HRM.

Another route to go is with North Pole Engineering’s ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge.

Or go old school, and use the Wahoo ANT+ key with a 30-pin to Lightning adapter.

You do not want your HR monitor to be connected to your phone itself and this will cause it to be unable to connect to TR. If it is showing up as connected in your phones Bluetooth settings, disconnect it, go into the app and pair it there under the devices tab.

Let me know how this works for you!


Awesome, thanks. I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

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Sounds good!

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Ah I see. Have you a laptop you can use?

I do, but I’d rather just use my phone.

In case you didn’t see my post above:

  1. Use 4iiii HRM because it will bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth. You configure the 4iiii HRM to connect with ANT+ devices, and then configure TR app to connect to 4iiii HRM via Bluetooth. Then your HRM is feeding TR app with power and HR.

  2. Instead of using 4iiii HRM for bridging, you can buy North Pole Engineering ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge.

  3. Or go old school, and use the Wahoo ANT+ key with a 30-pin to Lightning adapter. This is what I’ve used as I’ve had the Wahoo key since iPhone 4s. This works fine with my iPhone 7.

Ha, I did see that, but it seems like a lot of brain damage for not that big of a problem.

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LOL, ok. The 4iiii HRM seems like the easiest solution if you want ANT+ working with an iPhone. I haven’t tried it myself, but know of others using it.

And agree, my solution was switching from ANT+ to Bluetooth for indoor training rides. The outdoor rides are still ANT+ talking to Edge 520 head unit.

Fair enough yep

I guess my point is why do I need to buy another HRM to replace my HRM that works perfectly fine as is? Or buy anything at all, for that matter?

@bherbers sure I understand your position. If getting your HRM to connect via Bluetooth solves the problem, then you don’t need ANT+.

There are reasons someone might want to get ANT+ working with iPhone, and I answered that general question.

Why don’t you edit your original post with how you have everything setup then maybe we can help guide you in a better direction.

Software versions used
(i)OS - Mobile, PC, Mac
And include the Bluetooth protocol for each.

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Well, lets see if I can get the bluetooth to work when i get home tonight first. If not, I’m holding @ian personally responsible and charging him for the ant+ dongle :wink:


Hey now… :rofl:

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With the time difference between the UK and US I’ve raised tickets at 8:30-9PM (here) and had/have responses within 15-20 minutes :grin:

Got this all squared away, thanks to Ian’s helpful response. Disconnecting it from the bluetooth connections in the iOS settings was the key. I did eventually get an answer from support, but I was already on the bike by that point.


Easy mistake to make, because Bluetooth has always been confusing. The wireless protocol we all have learned to love/hate LOL!

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Awesome to hear! Glad I was able to help!