Garmin HR monitor won't pair with TR

Has anyone else had the problem where their garmin hr monitor won’t pair with TR? It pairs with my Garmin cyclocomputer just fine. My power meter is connected. Thanks in advance for any help!

What device are you using to run TR?

If it happens to be Apple based, the restriction is because your HR sensor is ANT+ and the Apple products are BLE only.

I recommened you to buy the Wahoo HR sensor that is both ( Bluetooth and ANT). I suppose you mean your Garmin watch or cycle computer. I had this problem with my Garmin sensors but the wahoo solved the problem.

Your Garmin HR is ANT+ only and you will need a dongle/bridge to connect to IPhone or PC. Samsung galaxy phones work with ANT+.

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Thanks for the response yall!

I have been running it on my mac computer using the ant+ stick that is linked above actually. But I’ll try tonight with my Samsung tablet and see if that works. Then if I still feel the need to use my mac desktop I’ll have to either buy a bluetooth hr monitor or the bridge. Let me know if I’m wrong. Thanks again for the help. I’ve never heard of BLE before.

BLE is the typical abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Emission.

Step 1 is to simply unplug then reinsert the ANT+ stick. That has always resolved this issue with my MacBook.

If that doesn’t work, some programs / apps aggressively grab and hold onto the ANT+ resource. Trainer Road support has addressed a bunch of these. Since you mentioned the Garmin computer, if you are uploading via ANT+ with Garmin Connect/Express that might be a part of the issue.

If you tried all that already, please delete this reply and carry on. Good luck!!


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