Getting all data in one file

So currently I am running Trainer Road on my iPhone or iPad with a wahoo kickr (older model). The trainer pairs up via Bluetooth and works great but there is no HR or Cadence due to those sensors being Ant+. So I’m running my Garmin Fenix 3 simultaneously to pick up HR and Cadence. Kinda annoying but it works. Is there another app that will grab all my sensors and record everything? Is there a way to merge the 2 files to show all data? Back when I used trainer road years ago I ran it on my laptop and it picked up all sensors on the TR software but I can’t figure out how to run a workout on the computer these days. I was playing with the wahoo app today and it will pickup cadence but not HR.


Just to understand:

  • you are running TR as app on IOS
  • you are using a Heartrate monitor
  • different other sensors as well

Why does TR not pick up the HR? Because your HR sensor is Ant? And IOS cant connect via Ant?

What HR monitor does work via Ant but not Bluetooth? Odd for me.

I did the same thing:

  • TR on IOS
  • Kickr
  • all sensors…

And all showed up in TE nicely. If you want to collect the data after the ride, Strava and trainingpeaks even in the free versions work ok.

Correct. I’m running the Garmin HR strap and Garmin GSC-10 speed/ cadence. I don’t have the Wahoo dongle for iOS so it will pick up the trainer on ant +. So the trainer is using Bluetooth and the other sensors are Ant. I’m new to the direct drive smart trainer world so I’m trying to learn how to make everything work together without buying all new sensors if possible.

What brand are your HR, speed, and cadence sensors and do they do both Bluetooth and Ant+? I was told that TR can only pair to one Bluetooth device at a time and if I want multiples I have to run Ant+

All are Wahoo and that works flawlessly.
They all connect vis bluetooth since my IOS device does not natively read Ant.
I dont have any dongle and refuse to buy additional stuff. What do you mean by Wahoo dongle? I never needed such things.

I am just surprised your Garmins dont connect simply via Bluetooth.

My sensors are so old they are Ant+ only. Sounds like I need to invest in some new sensors at some point.

TickrX 60€
Cadence/Speed Sensor Set 60€

That is quite ok for the purpose of longterm structured training. Worth it

You should be able to pair the trainer to your watch via Ant as a power source, then all of your data will be on Garmin. Maybe even cadence, too.

I tried that but I can’t get the watch to detect it. I have a Fenix 3Hr. It doesn’t have the specific trainer connect mode like the Fenix 6. Does the Kickr automatically broadcast both Bluetooth and Ant signals or is it something I have to turn on?

The Kickr should automatically broadcast both Ant+ and BT. Additionally, depending on your model, there is a firmware update to give it multiple BT channels.

I have the old 2014 model.