What's in your home gym?

In 2020 I plan on doing a lot more strength training, specifically bodyweight/core/kettlebell/free weight kind of stuff (basically bodyweight plus a bit of equipment). I’m not going to be doing any olympic lifts or anything like that.

What do you have in your home gym? What do you find yourself using all the time and what was a waste of money? Currently I have my riprow, a few small free weights (2x3lbs, 1x10lbs, 2x20lbs), and some bands (I honestly only use the heavy one). I would be happy to spend a few hundred dollars to get a few nice pieces that would really help me maximize my at-home strength training.

Right now I’m thinking:
Several kettle bells
A pull-up bar?
A simple bench?

What else? I’m reviewing several apps/programs for at-home strength training (Volt, keep, nike, convict, etc), but have yet to see a good list of stuff to invest in.



I have a safety cage with a lat pulldown, dip attachment and simple bench that I bought years ago. Great for squats, bench press, etc. I also have a hex deadlift bar. Various dumbells and kettlebells. Various elastic bands. However, you can do alot a good selection of dumbells and kettlebells and a bench.

Thanks. I’ve got no room for any sort of cage, so I’m thinking maybe a bench and some weights that I can store under it in the corner when not in use. Also potentially a moveable pull-up bar that I can take on and off the door frame.

I’ve got a TRX setup. I usually do strength training with weights at the gym for about 2-3 months in winter (today was day one) and then use TRX twice a week for maintenance the rest of the year. This year I’m adding some kettle bells as well. Very easy to use, store, and doesn’t cost much. :slight_smile:

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After reading lots of articles about strength work for cycling it appears that the main movements are going to be deadlifts and squats. So I picked up a simple rack with a straight bar and a hex for deadlift; better to strength building apparently.
Along with a couple of dumbbells, basic bench and a balance board I feel I have most covered.
That said don’t underestimate the value in body weight exercises and a simple resistance band.

i have an olympic bar and plates I use for deadlifts, TRX straps (a must have!), some dumbbells, a collection of foam rollers, some stretch bands and a Revolution balance board. I can get some adequate strength work and a great core workout with this stuff.

I have a weight bench which I use every single day - as a chair - but i have not used it to lift weights in over a decade.

I did recently end up joining a gym for off season access to squats and some leg machines. I live 300 yards from a Planet Fitness and at $10/mo its a crazy great deal if conveniently located.

Various bikes, trainers, rollers…

Squat rack: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DKN-Squat-Cage-Black-Grey/dp/B00MUSZF0A (similar to this one… branded differently)

Weight bench: https://www.amazon.co.uk/adidas-Flat-Bench-Black-Silver/dp/B007YGLSV8/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=adidas+weight+bench&qid=1575318681&sr=8-7

Olympic bar + ~120kg of plates including a set of settable plates for dealing with awkward half sizes.

Resistance band set (don’t use)

Step (don’t use… but this is as much a space issue)

Large adjustable dumbbell set (given by a clubmate moving house… havent used these for anything yet)

Some packs of foam mats that I have left in the pack. I use these to help protect the floor for deadlifts.

Various yoga/exercise matts.

Various roller/stretching/etc aids. Yoga band. Yoga block.

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Bench, deadlift cage, free weights, full dumb bell rack. The cage has a pull down bar and I just ordered a hex bar since I also plan on upping my offseason strength training coming up here soon.

Where do you all put these cages? My ‘garage’ is full of bikes!!

LOL. So is ours. :slight_smile:

We use a spare bedroom as a workout room.