Let’s see your pain cave (strength training version)

With gyms being closed most of the year here in CA I decided to carve out space for a strength training
section of the Pain Cave. Been gradually adding stuff to it and hope to add more as things come back in stock.

Concept2 rower + a few more weights soon.

Love my local gym but not sure I’ll go back even when this is all over. Would love to see what others have at home to really outfit my setup.


My garage is pretty simple:

And because of that this is my best piece of equipment:

Dumbbell step ups rule!

Two doors down at brother-in-laws house:

And some serious dumbbells:


Someone ought to design olympic sized kettlebells with weights that can be increased/decreased.

Like a dumbell but in the form of an olympic kettlebell.

This is how I have been surviving Covid. It has worked surprisingly well. I am in the market for around $1K - $2K in additional equipment (squat rack, plates, barbell, bench, etc), but it is impossible to get equipment right now (especially the actually weights). I don’t think I am ever going back to the gym, because the flexibility of adding 20 minutes of strength training after a ride (or when the kid is a sleep) is a game changer.

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Bowflex sells some. I don’t know how well they work.



Simple but effective, I think


The wife saw my buddy’s new garage gym and said ‘wow, that looks cool… we should do that’ so I immediately got online and placed an order before she would change her mind lol.

Few weeks later everything came and it’s now up. Really happy with everything and so nice having the dedicated setup.


Here’s mine:

Squat rack and barbell has most bases covered. TR bike is in front of the TV:

All works well together in minimal space.


So I couldn’t help myself.

Took down the rack to paint the stringer boards and then took everything down to paint the walls. Them again to reorganize the equipment. Eventually bought a new bar (red) and dumbbell rack (also red) cause we all know when our bike/kit matches we’re more aero. In this case I’m hoping it adds a few pounds to my squat/bench.


Nice. So clean!

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New plates in the cave.


Thread revival time, to right of the picture is a spinning bike for warmup and cool down