30 min workout routine with minimal space?

What are some of yalls must do exercises that don’t involve a gym and can be done in a small apartment?going into the off season soon here and would like to add some strength training.

Biggest bang for the buck space-wise?

Something like an adjustable kettlebell (space-efficient; I have Ironmaster in my home gym) and then a program like Simple & Sinister.

Add something like a pull up bar, a couch to do Bulgarian split squats and a yoga mat to do flexibility work and you’re ready to go. 95% of your functional training needs.

Had to deal with this during lockdown.

Burpees, pistol squats, tuck jumps, kettlebells.
Can be a bit monotonous but if you can sit through a 15-20 ftp interval, boredom shouldn’t be an issue…