What's in your home gym?

Very Nice gym!!

How do you like the Body Solid adjustable cable towers? I have the same lat/pulldown you do and it’s OK. Good enough for lats and rows but not very smooth. Have been looking to add an adjustable pulley tower or functional trainer. That station will be selectorized.

Am homing in on the TuffStuff CDP-300 (because can’t justify $6,000 for the fully adjustable functional trainer). But still in research mode.

Is that a little GHD in front of your half-rack?

Hey! Find a nice DIY squat bench rack that you can make by yourself with steel tubes and connectors.
You can also build push-up bars / pull-up bars
Hit me up if you need some help! :slight_smile:


Thankfully I invested in most of this before Covid hit. Power cage with hi/lo cable, landmine attachment, and DIY dip handles, DIY deadlift platform, barbell, safety squat bar, hex trap bar, ez-curl, dumbells, DIY weight tree, 395lbs of Olympic plates, DIY plyo box, Bosu ball, 18lb med ball, 15lb slam ball, full-length 3x8 mirror, Schwinn spin bike, Smooth Eliptical (currently unused).

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Let’s see…



Bastard bar
Power cage
Flat bench
4x20kg Tri grip
2x10kg bumper
2x5kg bumper

There is a 2kg kettlebell I rescued from the bin but I’ve never used.

Smart trainer
Dumb trainer
Floor fan
Stand fan


Your pull-up bar is high speed! I use two stud brackets and a 3/4" or 1” diameter metal pipe.


Great home gyms! Glad to see the home gym community is growing.
I started to build my home gym in 2017. This was the best decision made. Now we are staying at home more often, so bought some new equipment like weight plates and recently purchased a new squat rack and multipurpose gym station.

Love this rack! I need this!

Just kettlebells. 16, 2 x 24, 32, and 40 kilo bells. KISS.


30lb kettlebell.

Ive had the most consistency this year with that minimal equipment. I take it to the park when the kids want to go to the playground or take it to the front yard when they want to go outside. No more parenting FOMO.


A 62 year old car…but hopefully that will change this summer :rofl:


I’ve got inch thick rubber matting under my weights area - which has an incline / decline / flat bench. I’ve got a squat / bench press rack, 5’ Olympic style bar and iron plates, ez curl bar, body AZ adjustabells (32kg each hand max), then some 12kg kettlebells and a medicine ball.

There’s also a little used treadmill plus then my bike on a Kickr Core which is used a reasonable amount per week on TR training plans.

Oh, there’s also a pull up bar.

Works really well for me - much prefer it to going to an actual gym and having to queue / wait for equipment.

Two weekends ago in the little kids play park I noticed two separate dads come in and do one chin up on the climbing frame.


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That reminded me of Thomas Hayden Church story from years and years ago. He’s got a pickup that he uses when he is on sets for movies, in the bed is a big rock he found long ago on another movie set. Whenever he wants to get a workout in he just goes and finds a spot, pulls the rock out and does a bunch of exercises with it.

3 kettlebells (want to expand this) : 8, 12 and 20kg
8lb dumbells
20-24-36 box
Knock off TRX that’s like $80 less and works just as well Lifeline Jungle Gym (Amazon)
Ab wheel

I’ll go to a gym for squats and deadlifts in the offseason, but this works well for most of the year.

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Squat Rack;
Kettlebells: 16kg, 24kg;

I don’t have much. It’s just a couple of kettle bells, a punching bag and a squat bench rack in my basement. I mostly do my exercise on a yoga mat because I like stretching more than weightlifting, but I try to balance things. The most difficult thing to find was the punching bag. We live in a condo and there are other people around all the time, so I was looking for quiet punching bags that would not disturb our neighbors too much. I choose a standing inflatable punching bag because it makes less noise, and it’s also easier to install. Not that I liked boxing that much, but it helps me make my spine move more actively.

squat rack, 2x bars, a safety squat bar, medicine ball, slam ball, adjustable dumbbells, 12, 20, 28kg KB’s, my Saris turbo trainer, plyo box, TRX, landmine attachment, adjustable bench.

More than enough :slight_smile: