55-65% endurance/ DOMS

I can’t find anything on if riding long rides in the endurance zone further damage the muscles?

I wouldn’t think of doing another weight session.

Not trying to get rid of the pain faster. Want to keep working on the foundation while the muscles are recovering.

Any links appreciated.


I don’t think so unless you extend the endurance ride way out (at least >3h) but that probably is a good thing because it’ll stimulate your type 1 slow twitch fibers

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ve read lots of things that point to DOMS mostly increasing RPE but not leading to decreased performance. Long endurance rides are probably what would be recommended in that situation. Just don’t forget to fuel really well as you’re not only fueling the ride but also the lifting recovery.

And IME, the best thing I’ve ever done for DOMS is to go back and do a light weight session (like going through my warm-up and warm-up sets). Unless the soreness is preventing you from maintaining good form it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Are you explicitly looking for stuff on Endurance Rides and impacts on recovery?

Or are you looking for information on Active recovery while having DOMS?

It’s not unusual for me to feel “lactic” in the legs 3 hours into a Z2 ride. Even with proper fueling and hydration. I’m calling it lactic because it’s not exactly delayed. lol


I have DOMS bad right now since taking 2 weeks off the weights then getting back into it. I have continued by training as normal (endurance Tuesday and today with some intensity yesterday). It shouldn’t matter unless you’re not mentally up for it. I do this all the time (train with DOMS)

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Impressive, you are a stronger man than me.