What to do between training blocks?

I finish Sweet Spot Build 2 in late November and will start the Cross Country Marathon plan in Mid-June with the end goal being a 100 mile mountain bike race in August. Any suggestions on training plans to use leading up to the Cross Country Marathon plan would be helpful.

Geez that’s a pretty substantial time gap.

Totally depends on how motivated you’re feeling.

You should be trying to start your specialization plan in June after a build phase has completed, you probably have time to do Base->Build->Base->Build->Cross Country Marathon by mid-June. I didn’t do the math on the weeks, but I imagine that will roughly fit in.

Thanks trpnhntr, I have been a recreational cyclist for decades. I’m now 60 and for the last 3 years have started enjoying a few races a year. I have some degree of knowledge however, this is my first year of formalized training and I’m am motivated to race well. While cycling 3,000 miles last year my FTP is disgusting low. I’m hoping that formalized training will get me where I want to be by the time of the Leadville 100. Thanks for your input!