Deciding your training plan(s)

Hello, I’m a firs time poster in this forum however a longtime reader. Firstly I’d like to thank all of the Trainerroad staff and members for the amazing information in this forum, its helped me a lot.

I’m an ex professional BMX racer that’s now taking on criterium & road racing. I have a good sprint and am looking to transfer that power into longer efforts.

My seasons are;
Criterium - 1st Jan to 28th April (already started)
Road - 1st May to 1st November

I’m riding around 400kms (250mils) per week at the moment which is split into longer rides, sprint training & climbing.

Last year I completed base, build & specialty phases and went from a 252 FTP to 312FTP around 4.2w/pk.

I’m looking for feedback on the below plan(s) that I think will take me to where I need to be for the year;

Base Phase
Sweet spot base 1 - 6 weeks
Sweet spot base 2 - 6 weeks

Build Phase
Sustained power - 8 weeks

Speciality Phase
Climbing road race - 8 weeks

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


That looks good, with one question. I assume you picked the Sustained Power Build to work on your lack of long power?

That makes sense, but wonder if General Build would also be useful? It is a mix of short and long power. The short works on your prior history and existing strength to help build FTP. Then the longer work in the other side helps your weaknesses.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. Hopefully others will have a look and see if one really makes more sense for you needs.


Hi there!

The usual way is to think about which events you want to peak for and work back from there - the idea being that you can’t peak for 11 months :slight_smile:

That said I think there was a podcast on building/maintaining throughout a season.

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I’ve gone back and taken a look at my races for the year and cut back on a few which now I can really train / taper for.

Thanks for the feedback - Going to be a successful year.


You might want to read through our Help Center, we have a handful of articles that might help you have a successful season and be in the best shape you can for each race over the course of a long period of time:

Good luck! You’re already off to a great start. :facepunch: