Switching from XC racing to Endurance mtb racing for second part of season...which plan to do?


I have to say that I love TrainerRoad and the podcast. I look forward to it every day. Five Stars+!

I have been through Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2 mid volume, the General Build mid volume and now I am doing the Cross Country Olympic mid volume at this time. I will finish the plan as I finish the season for my last race XC race. My races now are about 10 miles and last around 40 minutes or so.

I will have from June 28th to the Sept 28th before my next race. I will be doing two 50 mile races and one 30 mile race for the rest of the year all of them being on a mountain bike. There will be approximately be 8 weeks before doing 50 mile races. Should I go back to a sweet spot base and XC marathon or take some time off and just do the XC marathon? Any feedback will be helpful.


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Common recommendation after completing a full Base, Build, Specialty phase is the following:

Look at the Re-Build, that means taking a short break (a few days to 2 weeks), then return to a Build phase that suits your new discipline. You can move into a Specialty if you have time (sounds like that won’t happen in your case).

So in your case, take a break (whatever feels right for your body and mind). Then consider doing the Sustained Power Build if that is what is needed for the longer and possibly slower pacing. Or you could revisit the General Build with your current fitness. Either can work depending on your needs and goals.

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Thank you so much. I will look into the sustained power build.


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I’d go with general build with longer rides on the weekends if you have time for it.

@mcneese.chad is spot on. I’m doing the same, finishing my XCO racing in July and I have my “A” race on September 20th (MTB 100). Pick a Build that fits your course profile, long sustained efforts over 20 mins (SPB) or punchy and shorter climbing (revisit GB). Then start XCM specialty up to your last race, making sure you fit in a taper week. Better to be a little more rested than fatigued going into XCM events.