More Base or move to Build

I just completed my 2nd 6-week block of base (mid-vol) yesterday (11/22). I don’t have any races until early April. I have a trip to NC in late March (spring “training camp”) with some cycling buddies. It’s not highly structured but it is “spirited” and one needs to be ready for it. Taking this week (T-giving) off as recovery. My question is: given racing won’t start for me until April, should I do another 6-week block of base or move to Build phase and do 2-rounds of build phase and then move to Specialty phase, which would end right around the time races start?

I thing i gained more fitness from my build phase than from my base phase.

I would do the build/base/build

Did you complete sweet spot base 1&2? I’ve repeated these many times and continued to grow, if you’ve followed traditional base I’d encourage a build phase to introduce some more intensity :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, 12 blocks of sweet spot base.

2 blocks of SSB

You’re welcome, from my anecdotal experience, it takes time to really find what works for you. Some swear by a base build repeat, many have had great success with a repeat of pure sweet spot work. You could always have a look at plan builder if you need some fresh ideas too. Best of luck :+1:

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Thanks…I like the idea of mixing in a block of more intensity work with a Build block and then going back to Sweet Spot Base. My primary focus is TT. Thanks for the feedback. Happy training to you as well! Best regards!

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