Confused on what I should be doing

Hey everybody new to this forum, this is going to be my first year racing the A race I am training for this year is the Leadville trail 100mtb I completed the low volume base sweet spot phase last year and am currently almost done with the short power build mid volume, I was wondering if I’m on the right track with my training or completely off from where I should be. Also as the snow melts I plan on riding a lot more outside any insight would be great thanks

I’d recommend using plan builder and entering Leadville dates in August.

Otherwise, I’d recommend a few things:

  1. More Base. And increase the volume if you can. I’d go back and do all of SSB1 and 2, MV if you can swing the time.
  2. after Base, do Sustained Power Build, MV if you can. LV is fine if not, but I would add a long ride on the weekend.
  3. If you have time left, a few weeks of Marathon MTB or Climbing RR or Century road specialty.

But your focus needs to be on your aerobic base and basically not much else right now.

If you’re going to ride a lot outside, do Low Volume but add as much Zone 2 and aerobic time as you can. Either way, get hot on your aerobic base… you’ve bitten off a big chunk doing Leadville as your first event.

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Thank you for the quick response I appreciate the advise I will do those things

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