What to do after traditional base?

Hi everyone,

I have a question with regards to “what next”.

Some background: I am 45-year-old male, that came from Wahoo Systm to join TR about 3 months ago. Had a bit of bad luck in 2020 and 2021 where I fell twice and had to have 2 shoulder ops. First one in 2020 where I tore my AC ligaments. Just started to regain my fitness and fell again a year after the first operation :frowning: . Around December 2021, after recovering from the second operation, I started a mid-volume plan on Systm.
I gained performance and fitness till about May 2022, whereafter I start feeling drained and my performance decreased. Easy rides started to feel like ‘hard work’ etc. It seemed that I just needed more recovery all of a sudden. Before my shoulder operations I could handle MV plans without a problem.
I gathered that I suffered from some sort of over training, so after my race in August 2022 (230km mtb event), I decided to change my approach a bit.

I started the LV traditional base plan and am almost done with TB LV III. I feel great on the bike at the moment, and actually enjoy it again. My next A race is May 2023 (160km gravel/MTB). I was thinking of the LV Sustained Power Build plan, or is it better to do a customized plan with the May race as the end goal? Then there is polarized plans as well…Just too many choices :slight_smile: .

What would you recommend doing next?

I say general build lv with lots of added zone 2

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If your gravel race has climbs > 10 mins, Sustained Power Build LV plus Z2. Otherwise whichever LV build you like the look of plus Z2

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