Recovery Plan sanity check?

Guys can I get a sanity check on my recovery planning here. My crash was about 2 months ago. I have been following all the medical and PT advice to the letter. I made a proper mess of the right shoulder so we are only getting back to about 60% effectiveness on that thing. I am cleared to ride the trainer with it, if it is pain free. There is no way I am up to an FTP test of any stripe at the moment. I plan on just pootling about for the next two weeks using my HR as a guide (staying at my guesstimated LT1, based on the Garmin respiration data I have and Ye Olde Talking Test!). Then I was going to do Trad base 1 and 2. HV seems to be doable given my current lock down situation, so I was going to head that way. If that goes good I will reassess and plan on from there…

Coming from a life long cycling addiction but about 3 years of TR SSB(MV+ Z2)/B/S which I was getting out of love with the last 18 months.

Any disses on this?

Sorry to hear about your crash and hope you have a speedy recovery.

Sounds like a good plan to me and I think trying Traditional Base will be a good experiment for you, especially since you have the time. Good luck!

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Before committing to HV, do some rides to assess whether your shoulder will let you be in the saddle for those longer rides. You don’t want to be sitting lopsided to compensate for your shoulder and then unintentionally buggering up something else.


Yeah…I plan to take the next two weeks to progressively up the TitS to see how long I can do this. If the worst comes to the worst I can sit up and sling the bogey arm easily enough. I have been maintaining some level of fitness by taking long walks with herself and the Little White Wookie ©… No real load on the arms but only have to get in the sling after about 2 hours at the moment. PT said the pulling on the shoulder was more of a limiter than pushing on it. So I am hopeful.

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I’m glad you have a plan! And also, how did I not know about that thread? Cheers!

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